Tuesday, August 7, 2012

See ya' wallpaper!






I guess that painting Michaela's room is next.   :)

I have heard so many horror stories about removing wall paper that I was dreading this event.  One night, just out of curiosity, I peeled a small part of her wallpaper back a little bit and it just came right off.  It was like removing one of those little plastic stickers that was designed to be removed.  Super Easy!!  Phew!

I called Michaela upstairs and made her take over...  she got Andrea and Scotty involved and they had all the wallpaper removed in less than two hours!!  (...except for the part behind the heavy bookcase and bed)  Scotty can't wait until it's time to remove more wallpaper!   Good thing we have a house full of ugly wallpaper! :)  I hope it's all just as easy.

I wonder if it was really easy because her walls have never been painted.  I think the hardest part will now be for Michaela to decide how she wants to paint her room.  She can't even decide what to eat for breakfast on most days.  She's taking design suggestions.  :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ta Da!!!!





Phew.  That was hard work!  I had to provide ice water all day, make eight sandwiches, and then pick up a pizza!  :)  I still can't believe Happy "engineered" some granite stairs for the side of our house!  Good job Happy ...and good job to your craigslist Ukrainian friends who helped...  :)

Of course, he did practice with these wooden ones in the backyard.

All done with stairs, moving on to ...I don't know what.  :)


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