Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Tube

My three year old loves YouTube!

How terrible is this? :) I just now figured out how it all started too... Remember a long time ago when I wrote about the blue ball machine thingy and someone posted a link to a YouTube video about a Rube Goldberg thingy involving a ball. Are they all called Rube Goldbergs? You know, the things where a ball goes down a slide, hits something, it hits something else, which does something else, and that does something else... etc... Either way, he loved that video and watched it for days, then he wanted MORE!

Next he found Domino movies from FlippyCat. There is a cat involved and sometimes the cat hits over the first domino. :) Scotty watched these forever. Then he found ABC songs/music videos. (He loves to sing the ABC song.) THEN he found marble runs, hotwheels car tracks, and mario cartoons. He hasn't ever found any inappropriate movies until he started watching the mario ones. The mario cartoons will sometimes lead him to movies that people make up involving mario, luigi, sonic the hedgehog... all his favorite people. :) Some of the mario cartoons lead to "not nice ones" so now he knows he can't watch those. (After you watch a video it has a list of similar ones on the side to choose from so you get "led" through videos. This is how he "finds" new categories.)

So this is his favorite new thing to do on the computer, he just navigates through it all himself. He's a smart little three-year old. :)

I have a few videos on YouTube too. You have to search for rabbitbearbug and it will pull them up... They are just the ones I have posted on here I think. Scotty is completely uninterested these ones.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Highlights of our day... For Daddy

Paul is still away. ...with the car, remember? I think I may have mentioned it... :)

So we miss him, especially at dinner because this is when Scotty realizes "Daddy is gone for a long time at work." (In the morning as we are trudging out to the bus stop, the ever-so-observant Scotty also notes, "No, no car yet.")

So here are the highlights from our dinner.... yes, we had eggs and pancakes. This is a perfectly acceptable dinner and if you don't think so you've obviously never raised any children. :)

Poozle's first pancakes. :) She ate two!

Sierra's pancake and egg and syrup salad...

Scott with his plate full of powdered sugar...

Michaela cooking us more eggs... She's pretty good at this now.

While my video loads I will write about Scotty's music class that I've taking him to on Fridays because I can't click away from this screen or my video will mess up. I guess I could go clean the kitchen but that would require me to get up and I'm so NOT into that right now.

SO. A friend had told us about this class they have in a local church. I guess I knew these "playgroups" existed, but I was never brave enough to go. I agreed to go with my friend and her daughter. The first time I took Scotty he honestly RAN laps around the chapel the entire time, and I honestly could NOT catch him. I'd run one way, he'd go the other. I'd try to cut down a row of chairs, he cut down another row of chairs the other way. I was serioulsy concerned I would never get him. My stern voice and looks didn't phase him. Luckily he was laughing so hard that he had to go potty or else I think he would still be running.

ANYWAYS... I don't really have a point here, but my video is now "processing". The second week I took Scotty I told him he couldn't run. I said he'd have to sit with me and sing and play the games or else we wouldn't go. We went and he sat... and even happily participated for most of it... After every activity we'd do he would ask me, "Is it time to run yet?" :) I finally let him go run.

This last time we went he joined in all the activities and was really having a good time. I think he really likes it and that is good.

They sing a song here... Yep, it's ALL in Danish, but this song is just counting to ten. ...and after a full year I can now do this. BUT the song goes too fast for me. I get to five and I can't sing it fast enough... all the other two years olds can.

Speaking of counting songs... on the radio I must have found a little kid station because I noticed the song was just counting to ten over and over again. I sang along and felt so special because I knew what the song was saying AND I could sing along. :)

...Okay... I'm done waiting. It's been a good 15 minutes of loading and processing video. It wasn't that exciting of a video anyways. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love buses.

I chased down three buses today in an attempt to NOT miss them. Made it onto all three thank you very much! Freezing temperatures and eye stinging wind really inspire you to NOT miss buses.

Scotty had to go pee-pees at the bus stop... so he did. This is of course when the bus pulls up. I zipped up his snow suit with his naked bum inside and carried him like a sack of potatoes onto the bus. I refer you to the first comment about my inspiration for NOT missing buses.

On the last bus of the day, Sierra and her two friends didn't get off the front of the bus while I was getting off the back of the bus with Michaela, Scotty and the stroller. Chased the bus down yelling, it stopped, and three stressed out girls got off. I laughed.

I'm going to bed now. Two more bus days.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I woke up this morning. It was bright and sunny. I was feeling better about my bus day. ...but by the time I left the house the ground, road, sidewalks, trees, everything... it was all COVERED in snow. Thank you Denmark for the little blizzard to walk through just to get to bornehaven.

Snow is better than rain though. I guess neither one is really that bad until you add the wind; and today it was like Denmark was in a little snow globe and a giant Scotty was shaking it about wildly. I'm not complaining... just mentioning it.

Anyways... Guess why I am the super-coolest mom on earth? I know, which reason to choose? ...there are so many.

Well today's reason is that: I have made cauliflower yummy!! While making some cauliflower for Poozle, I discovered that when pureed cauliflower tastes, and looks, like mashed potatoes. So for dinner I mixed equal parts of pureed cauliflower and mashed potatoes together, added a little butter and salt and my children love it!! The Boy eats it all up!! HA! Take that Scotty!! No cream or milk or "loads" of butter... and everyone likes it. We call them PotatoFlowers.

I also baked sweet potato french fries which are my new favorite snack. You should have seen my grocery cart today: Sweet potatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, lettuce, avacado, lemons, yellow bell pepper, leeks, kiwi, bananas.... It was like I buying things on a farm or something. I'm quite proud that I can turn these things into meals!

...and I don't know what this boy did at bornehaven today, but I picked up one muddy little kid.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Me NOT complaining.

I will not complain.

I will not whine about the fact I don't have a car for an entire five days. I gave it up voluntarily so I won't complain even a little bit. It is good I am not complaining because I gave my children a long lecture about those less fortunate than us and how going without a car for a week is nothing compared to the burdens some people deal with. I am happy for the exercise, I'm sure the cold air is good for my lungs.

I will also not whine about the ghetto buses I had to ride on all day, you know the old beater ones with leaky roofs and steep, anti-stroller steps. I won't say anything mean about those rude, selfish people who didn't help me on or off the ghetto buses. I'm not going to complain about the continual rain ALL day long which stopped only to turn to hail before going back to rain. I'm not going to say how I looked like a wet, windblown mop when I finally arrived home after four hours of bus riding around Aarhus.

I won't tell you how depressing it was to come home four hours after I left the house at 8:00am, to sit on the couch for an hour and then put back on my still wet coat to go back out to ride more ghetto buses to pick up my son. I will say how happy I am that the girls had a ride home from school as well as to and from ice skating.

I will say that I am happy that I had three cans of Campbell's chicken noodle soup to feed my children dinner. I won't complain about the fact that they didn't like it, I'll just be happy they prefer the chicken soup that takes three hours to make out of a real chicken and real vegetables. What has happened to my children?

So there is my day... the "not-complaining" version. The complaining version would only make my mUm call me a whinger... which I can't spell correctly anyways. :)

To end on a happy note: All my children are my heros today because:

- Michaela and Sierra both skipped a level in ice skating. After a couple months of lessons they are both on level three! (out of seven) They can skate backwards as quick as they can skate forward, they can spin around, they can wiggle their skates all over, and stop like a little hockey player. I'm super impressed. Unfourtunately, the ice skating rink is now closed... so I am in search of a new rink somewhere and I am willing to drive. :)

- Andrea spent the day in her carseat and was a happy little girl about it. She then made me super happy tonight by drinking the fourth bottle of her life. She slurped it all up like a pro and went into a milk induced sleepy-coma and went to bed. I HOPE she sleeps well.

- Scotty is just great because every day he goes to bornehaven and listens to Danish all day... and he is happy about it. He never crys when I leave, he is great. He was even happy today when I picked him up at 2:00pm!! (His new pick up time when it's above 40 degrees or mommy is on a bus.) When I walked onto the playground another little boy who was sitting on a bike yelled to him, "Scotty, moa-ah komma something, something..." Scotty ran over to this little boy, hopped on the back of the bike and the other little boy gave him a ride to me. :) He has friends. :)

So those are the reason my children are super-cool today. Paul is super cool too, but not today because he's far away in Germany with my car and will be there for the week. :) But he did call me three times to say Hi... so he can be my hero too. :)

Now I will go to bed and dream of ghetto buses and hail.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ya-i taler lit densk, but not really

Lately I've been quite proud of my Danish. I even had a Danish conversation with an old man at the lake yesterday. Kinda...

It was sunny so I packed up the: kids, bikes, scooter, stroller, snacks, and bread and we... walked/rode bikes/carried the scooter, all the way down to the lake to feed the ducks and enjoy the sun.

While there I noticed that my son had started throwing bread to a dog instead of the ducks... he thought the little, yappy, jumpy dog was much more fun than the squawking ducks. After a little bit the dog's owner, a nice old man, came over and said Hi to us. Well, technically he said "Hej". :)

Little Note: When people start to talk to you in Danish it's really awkward because for their first few sentences they think you can understand them... but you can't ...and you can't really interrupt because that would be rude, so you sit there nicely listening... and then at your first chance to pipe up, you have to say, "I'm sorry, I don't speak Danish." At this point the other person either will decide to continue the conversation in English or they will just walk away - you have a 49/49 chance either way. ...of course you do have a 2 percent chance the other person won't understand your English sentance at all... when this happens to me I have to bust out one of my four Danish phrases:

- "ya-I taler Englesk." (I speak English.)
- "ya-I taler lit Densk." (I speak a little Danish.)
- "ya-I fustol egga." (I don't understand.)
- "Unschool, ya-I taler egga Densk, ya-I taler Englsk. " (I only pick this one when feeling VERY brave. It means: I'm sorry, I don't speak Danish, I speak English.)

Well, this dog's owner was the 2% that didn't understand what I said in English so he continued in Danish... he seemed like such a nice man. I had to bring out my Danish phrase number one - "Ya-i taler Englesk." (I speak English.) Apparently I said it poorly because he didn't understand, so I tried Danish phrase number two: "Ya-i taler lit densk" (total lie: I can speak roughly 32 words in Danish... most of them incorrectly). The old man smiled and repeated "lit densk?". I said, "Yes, muy lit"; then realizing that muy is Spanish for very, not Danish. (My mind often goes to Spanish when I know English will not work.)

...I'm not doing well in this conversation, but this old man is still smiling.

He then said, "something, something, something... feea born (four kids). OOUUU - I say, "yah, en, to, tre, feea" ...trying to fit in more of my 32 Danish words by counting to four. THEN he says - something, something, komma fra (come from). Now this is the moment I have been waiting for!!! Sierra totally knows how to answer this in Danish - she says it all the time!!! She can save me and she is standing right here!!! I say Sierra, "Where do you komma fra?!!". AND SHE SAYS... nothing. The ONE time she can use her Danish to impress someone and she says NADA!! - Uew, S, A ... TELL HIM "ya-i komma fra uew, s, a!!!" SAY IT!! Nothing... she says nothing. I can't blame her though - Danish is scary. :) But againI toss the conversation back at innocent little Bear. I point at her and say "du taler meer Densk". (You speak more Danish.) :) Silence from the Bear.

The man is smilng and switches to a little English. :) I think he realized I had used up all my Danish which is good because all I had left was to order a "stor menu" (big meal) or say the word "smuuur" (butter).

I miss talking to random strangers about nothing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It feels so GOOD to finally have a flight booked for our summer trip home. ...and Paul is happy to have dinners cooked for him again.

I don't think anyone can understand how happy I am about this!! Spain, Rome, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin... I have never been as excited to go to any of those places as I am to go back "home" to the US.

- I've started my shopping list and prioritized a list of things to eat.

- I have allowed the children to increase their peanut butter and goldfish cracker consumption.

- I have confirmed that I own shorts that do fit.

- I have started Christmas shopping to save on shipping this December.

I will have to take all four children there on my own though. Paul can't take two months off of work and I got grouchy when cutting our trip short was discussed so he will meet us there later. We will be in California for a month, then to Salt Lake City to see my grandparents for five days, and finally to Toronto, Canada for a few weeks.

I am so happy to eat. YAY. Root Beer Floats and Hashbrowns - HERE WE COME!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Green Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day :)

This special green day went by unnoticed by most of Denmark. No leprechaun traps at school. No green sprinkled cookies. No pots of gold. No dumb "Kiss me I'm Irish" stickers on people. I didn't even see any green or shamrocks anywhere. I did make my children wear green to school and pinched Paul for NOT wearing green... and I cooked our traditional green dinner.

Our green dinner isn't always the same, but it is always green so we often have some of the same things since there are only so many green foods! Tonight we had: Green spinach noodles with Green pesto, Green cucumbers, Green celery, Green broccoli, Green salad, Green Zucchini, Green For dessert: Green Frosting on the last few of our graham crackers.

When people find out we "celebrate" St. Patricks Day they ask if we are Irish. I say no, we just celebrate it because it's fun! Do we really need to be Irish? ...I'm sure there is some Irish in me somewhere, I am a mutt.

Poor Poozle - I took Andrea to the after hours clinic. I thought she was fine. I'm usually pretty good about not taking the kids to the doctor for just a cold or cough. This time Paul was concerned and I decided I'd rather go to the after hours clinic so I called them and then went right over there. It was a good visit - I didn't wait long, and the doctor seemed intelligent. I trusted him. Want to know why?

- He talked to me for a while about nothing important.
- He asked me questions about details of her symptoms.
- He said Andrea was pretty and sang her little songs as he looked in her ears.
- He talked to Andrea nicely in Danish and I could understand: beautiful and good.
- His English was great.
- He was a grandpa.

So the nice doctor said she was okay and this made me feel better. I think she is doing better now. Her nose isn't so runny and she isn't coughing as much. I hope she sleeps tonight though, because I am tired.

Flowers - Here is the flower picture I took today. I think these little flowers are hilarious! They just pop up out of no where!! No flower beds or gardens or anything... Just a field of grass one day and the next day there are huge patches of purple and white flowers everywhere. The yellow flowers are coming too - they are a bit slower but you can still see them. It's pretty..., but odd. :) Well... these are pretty because there are so many. Some places have a single line of them and try to make designs in their grass and it just looks a little... dumb. It's reassuring to see things starting to grow.

Plane Tickets - My husband is working on it as I type. I told him I will feed him spaghetti every night until we have our dates confirmed. Tomorrow will be night THREE of spaghetti...

Our Vacation - A family has invited us to their home in Poland for the Easter holiday so we are very excited at that opportunity. They live in Warsaw, which is the "new" capital of Poland. See, I have learned many things about Poland. :) We will get to go to church with them on Easter and do all the traditional Polish things - I think it will be very different and interesting.

So that is what we have chosen to do. We've been to Paris and Amsterdam, I'd just like to go back. I think Paris and Pisa again in May will make me happy. Sometimes I think how that sounds.... "Yah, in a couple of months I'd like to go to Paris and Italy again." :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Move over Betty Crocker!

I put Betty Crocker and that Pillsbury Dough Boy to SHAME!!! Look at the wonder of a housewife I've become!!!!

I BAKED strawberry muffins, cinnamon muffins, and banana bread last night, AND for the grand finale - this morning I baked cinnamon rolls that were pretty darn close to the CINNABON ones!! I rock. The girls helped so I guess I can't take all the credit. We rock. :)

All of this baking was because I had told the girls we would have a party when it reached 10 degrees Celsius (50 F). ...and Last Thursday was toasty warm and reached a whopping 14 degrees according to the "official" bank thermometer. So a party was needed... We decided to have a breakfast party on Sunday morning, my only free time this next week, and this resulted in me baking numerous delectable breakfast items full of yummy goodness. :)

Here is Andrea sitting in the 14 degree sun and not enjoying it. I wanted to show that she isn't always a smiley little Poozie. Sometimes she is gets VERY mad! ...but she is still the cutest thing ever. This was the day before she was officially sick so I don't think she was feeling all that great. Yes, she has her first cold. :( Very sad for my little coughing and runny nosed Cooey-Bird. She has only slept in her car seat the last two days because she can't breathe well and that makes her and me sad and cranky.

She is still feeling yucky and coughing today, not seeming to be any better... if Poozle isn't happier tomorrow I will wait until the doctor's office closes and take her to the after hours clinic to see a doctor. :) I don't know what they'll do for her though... there's nothing they really can do probably, but she's little and I want to make sure she is okay.

I'm off for a lunch with another mom... away from my little family. With Paul having been gone the majority of the last three weeks I'm a bit tired of my loving children. :) :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I decided to leave Scotty at bornehaven an extra half hour since it's getting warmer. He seems to be enjoying the outside playtime more now that he's learned how to make the bikes and scooters work ...and how to throw sand on the roof and screech with happiness as it slides down and falls over his head.

His teacher says he gets along with all the girls much better than the boys. :) Yesterday when I went to pick him up he was trotting around the little path holding two girls hands. When I drop him off there is always three little girls that run up to him and give him a hug. Today a little girl ran up to him, yelled "Scotty!!", gave him a hug, yelled something in Danish which Scotty repeated... and then they both ran off. Scotty paused only for a half of a second to turn and throw me a kiss... leaving me there to feel sad that my little boy is perfectly happy without me. :(

I've also started a new thing with his teachers. I brought in a book to write notes to his teachers. This way I can talk to them without hunting down a translator. :) I translate my English into Danish with the help of the computer and to read what they write I type it all in and translate it into English. Pretty time consuming just to find out Scotty needs to practice using scissors, but it's worth it. :)

I'm glad he likes his bornehaven. :)

P.S. Buggy is one of Scotty's nicknames: Scotty Bug. Scotty Monster. Brown Eyes.

P.P.S. I hope he doesn't wet the bed tonight. :) We are going for a record... so far - two dry nights in a row.

AND - Pizza Hut doesn't have the most exciting pizza, but it is familar. We ordered some odd pizzas from the little pizza places which are everywhere here. Ick. Who puts hot dogs on a pizza? Although tonight for dinner we made our own pizzas and we put spaghetti on one. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My tough decision

  • Belarus is a country.
  • Poland looks to be bigger than Germany.
  • Lithuania is nowhere near South America.
  • Turkey is way bigger than I thought.
  • Morocco is super close to Spain.
This is everything I learned tonight while trying to decide where to go next month for our Spring Break... we plan on driving... maybe.

So this is how I plan our vacations; I browse google maps :)

Here are our choices: (and their drive time)
- Szczecin, Poland (9 hours)
- Prauge, Czech Republic (9 hours)
- Amsterdam, Holland (7 hours)
- Paris, France (11 hours)
- Munich, Germany (10 hours)

So... where should I go?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Haircuts, Field Trips, and...

Lots to catch up on = Longest post ever

Haircuts by Mommy
Add "barber" to my long list of job titles. I will not pay $25 to get each of my kids hair cut so I cut all their hair myself ...and sometimes they just look funny for a while. :) Michaela says her hair is too short, I just trimmed the sides and back of Scotty to see how it looked, and Sierra has long bangs that you can't really see because she wears a headband 24 hours a day. Now I can afford to go get my haircut. :)

I told Michaela if she stuck her tongue out I'd put it on here...

Bornehaven Field Trip

Scotty had some of his friends from bornehaven come over. :) At his little preschool the kids go on field trips quite often so Scotty goes somewhere at least every other week, usually with one teacher and two other kids. Sometimes they take a bus somewhere into town, but sometimes they just go to one of the kids houses to play. :) I think this is so cute!

Last week it was Scotty's turn to have his friends come over. I dropped him off at bornehaven and then later that day he rode the bus home with his teacher and they brought two of his friends. Scotty showed everyone his room and all his toys and his video games. (His teacher said we had more toys than the school. ) He thought it was so funny to bring his friends and teacher over. :) We all ate lunch together and then his friends went home on the bus and Scotty stayed with me. I think this is a totally cute idea for preschools.

Scotty and Andrea

Provided that Scotty is in a good mood he now likes Andrea. He holds her hand in the bath when she cries, he picks up toys that she drops, and he even shared his covers with her. He will put the pacifier in her mouth if she cries and will stick his tounge out and "spit" to make her laugh. He even carried her once (with help from mommy)!

However, he has his boundaries. She is NOT allowed to touch his cup of juice...even when it is empty. He does also get mad when she takes one of his toys... but he gives it to her first. He's silly. Scotty says "She looked at my car and I gave it to her." he crying because she has the toy that he gave her. We are learning to trade toys with her.

Yummy Food

Andrea has been eating lots of food lately. Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Avacados, Peaches, Plums. She likes eating most everything. At dinner we give her a teething cookie and she enjoys that while I get to eat... then I have to clean her up: her hands, face, hair, arms, belly... I need a bigger bib. :)

Last night I even gave her her first bottle! She chewed on it for the most part, but some of the milk must have fallen in her mouth because it was soon gone. I've decided that since I've been breastfeeding for seven months I'm a superstar, espically by American standards. :) I still will, but she will probably end up getting a bottle at night sometime to help her tummy get more full.

Andrea has also kicked Sierra out of her room. This week I am going to put Andrea in Sierra's roon and Sierra downstairs in Michaela's room on the fold out bed. I'm hoping to get some sleep in the near future. I am beginning to get a little grouchy. I haven't slept all night in about a year now... probably closer to four years though. I can't believe I've been raising kids for 10 years!!

Trip Home

We are still trying to figure out and book the flights to have specific dates. Paul has been gone for the last two weeks (and leaves again next week to Spain)... so we haven't sat down with more than 20 quiet minutes to think. Hopefully we'll have dates tonight!! June, July or August....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Danish News

I'm learning so much by reading my new Danish news website in English.

- Denmark only has three Pizza Huts and they are all closing. Very sad. We will go to Pizza Hut this weekend before it is gone forever.

- People are thinking about taking their food home from restaurants in doggy bags. Nobody EVER does this. I ask sometimes, but I feel very dumb.

- Parking fines are being refunded to certain people in Copenhagen who got a ticket within the last two years. You just need your ticket stub to see if you qualify... Yeah, right.

- By 2030 Aarhus wants to have 375,000 residents... and they are relying on immigrants (ME) to do this. However... Next One: There are 600 kids without a spot in a school because of poor planning.

- More women die of breast cancer in Denmark than in any other European country.

- People are shot, stabbed, robbed here on a regular basis... just like the rest of the world.

- My favorite: "City hospitals flunk patient satisfaction rating" Hmmmm... never would have thought...

Lots of good things to read in English. It would be fun to lose the computer though. I'd rather hold a paper in my hand. I think I will get a subscription... maybe someone wants to share one with me. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One less tooth

Michaela's little mouth has one less tooth in it. :(

The dentist had to take out a baby tooth that never fell out on it's own because it was squishing her other teeth all over. Despite the loud sounds that can come from it, Michaela has a small mouth. :)

I was scared to death! At first I questioned it because they didn't take X-rays and laughed at me when I suggested they do... "We don't take X-rays all the time like you Americans." :) (By the way, my new favorite phrase is "like you Americans") I called my dentist in the US and tried to explain what "that Danish dentist" :) :) :) wanted to do and I asked them to look at Michaela's last x-rays and see if it made sense. My American dentist gave her approval so I decided it was okay.

It's not that I didn't trust my dentist here... well, okay it is. I know I didn't have a good reason for not trusting them, and I know it was wrong. But I just didn't trust it. Maybe it was that whole.... "Surrrrre, you can have an epidural" episode... Some people invoke trust just by "sensing" it about them... others have to earn it. That's the best I can explain it and when the translation between Danish and English isn't smooth you start to get scared. Right, wrong, or whatever - just my thought. ...and it was different because it was my child... not me.

Michaela didn't seem to mind this whole process. :) She's very brave. I would have panicked. Actually seeing her do it will make me feel better should the day come when a dentist will need to do anything in my mouth. The dentist was nice and tried in her best English to tell Michaela what she was going to do... and five minutes later her little tooth was out. Easy enough...

Michaela was my hero though... she didn't complain about having to do it. Didn't even phase her... there were just a few sniffles when they actually did it; but afterwards she wasn't even a little concerned about it. :)

Good Job kid. Spareribs for you! ...when your tooth hole feels better. :)

During the process I promised her ice cream and a trip to her favorite restaurant, Bones. I have a tendency to promise my children anything they want when I see them in pain. I hope they don't catch on to this...

Monday, March 2, 2009

New favorite site

I found this on another expat's blog so I take no credit for finding it. I want to share because I think it's great. I've always wanted to know about the "local" news, but have never been able to understand any of it.

I'd get a subscription but I'll need to save my kroners to afford the $200 a year it would cost. Who knows... I might splurge - seeing English in my mail may be worth it! :)

Did you know that lots of people have died from Salmonella here in Danish pork? Guess I shouldn't have bought all that pork on sale a few months back... See, news is helpful.

AND... See, there are too guns in Denmark because people are shooting at each other in Copenhagen... alot! Toldja' I just couldn't prove it because I couldn't understand the news. Now I'll be able to relay all the bad things to everyone. :)

Thanks C&H!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Web Camera FUN

So Dad... How long did that take? 15 months...

When we left the States my parents gave us a web cam and bought one for themselves ...and the both of us finally set them up and got them working tonight! SO COOL!!!

I just clicked on the little green video camera in my gmail and Nana popped right onto my screen AND I could hear her!!! Of course Paul jad done somethings beforehand to make my "one-click success" possible, but it was so simple! I highly recommend this to everyone in the world! :)

So Nana and Papa got to see us all tonight and we got to see them too! :) YAY!

The kids took my laptop and the camera and took Nana around the house... Nana was doing a very good job amusing them, so I left them alone... until I caught the kids showing her the toilet and I had to intervene. We showed Nana the new kitchen table and where Sierra's stitches used to be and she saw Andrea sit up all by herself. Nana showed us her new webkinz and Uncle Mikey's cat. :)

I think this is really neat. There was a bit of a delay, and skipped just a little bit, but it worked quite well. I think the kids will find it amusing much longer than Nana and Papa.

I thought that I would make a live link to our house via my little blog, but changed my mind. :) I'm not ready to share that much yet! Maybe I could point it outside or something... We'll see how bored I get, I don't know how that works.


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