Monday, March 11, 2013

Snowboarding KE

Here she is....  Well, after a few hours of lessons from some random teenage BOY.  :)

During our second ski trip Michaela decided she likes snowboarding better (yes, after we bought her skiis)....

When we first arrived, all six of us were going to go up the BIG hill, but Andrea and I had to bail out at the last minute because I couldn't control her on her new leash very well.  :)  I realized this after Michaela was already on the ski lift attached to a snowboard so I couldn't help her and despite how much I love my husband, he's not a snowboarder and he couldn't offer much help...

It all worked out in the end though because a cute little Michaela who was floundering around face down in the snow attracted the attention of a random snowboarding boy who then spent the rest of his day as her personal instructor.  (I had hung out with him during a snack break to "assess" him.  I deemed him safe, threatened him, and sent them both on their way...)

Guess we need to start looking for a snowboard for Michaela.  She's been using mine, which even the BOY said, "Wow, that's an old board..."  HA!  Yep, 15 years old and probably too big for her.

AND...  Do you see the sun?  It was super hot!  I was in a T-shirt all day and I was still warm.  It was a good day to forget Sierra's coat at home.  :)  It was cute because it was Hawaiian Weekend so the entire place was decorated like a beach.  How appropriate for the day!

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