Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Roller Skating! HA!!

Today we went roller skating.  It seemed to be a very American thing to do and so when I realized we haven't been in over six years I decided it was something that had to be done.  I'm not sure why I feel the need to relate it to eating Tuna Helper...  it's something that you just have to do and it's only a little ghetto.

Actually, I had to come up with something to do.  The kids are driving me NUTS.  This is the first summer that I have had to deal with four kids at home all summer ...and the only family we know is gone, so we have been left friend-less.  Usually my summers are spent traveling from Europe to USA to Canada with grandparents, relatives, and random activities all over to amuse everyone.  This whole summer at home thing is pretty exhausting.  I guess I should be better prepared next year.

Anyways, roller skating was just like I remembered from when I was a teenager.  Dark, dirty carpet.  Tacky florecent paint on the walls.  Random disco lights and super loud music coming out of one speaker.  However, all that said ...IN THE END, it was cute.

At first it was miserable...  Scotty couldn't stand up and was getting frustrated.  Andrea threw a fit and gave her new ear piercing screech as I picked her up and forced her on the rink.  Michaela was only concerned about the "free wifi" and checking her email.  Sierra was the good child and offered no problems ...this time.  :)

After an hour or so Scotty got pretty good.  Andrea and I developed a routine that involved her skating along the carpet while I went beside her on the rink.  On the corners I'd pick her up and skate her across the rink to the other side, where I plopped her on the carpeted section and we skated along again.

Michaela and Sierra were pretty good.  Maybe their ice skating skills helped...  They whipped around in circles pretty quick and I don't think either one fell.

Sierra participated in the 11-13 year old race and  I  participated in the over 17 year old race.  HA!  Sierra won and I didn't.  :)  I did come in second place though...  I am a winner for trying.  :)  I didn't really want to race, but I had just given Michaela a lecture on "doing things that were fun and not caring what other people think ...you'll never see them again."  I unfortunately had to prove my point.

Here is a movie of Scotty as we were about to leave.  It made the entire thing worth it.


newfoundlanderinnh said...

Nice! I do believe the ice rink has skating hours too :)

newfoundlanderinnh said...

Nice! I do believe the ice rink has skating hours too :)

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