Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pee-Pees in the Potty

Scotty is a Potty SUPERSTAR!

I let the diapers run out in the downstairs cupboard Monday night so Scotty went to bed thinking they were all gone! He woke up and put on his big boy underwear since "diapers all gone". He then proceeded to pee in every single one of his six pairs of big boy underwear. He peed on the kitchen chair, the couch, the game of Life game board, the stairs, and of course the wood floor. Once I even caught that little boy splashing in a pee puddle. -ick- ...and this was all before 11:00am! I had fun following him around the house with Mr. Clean and a towel. (I would like to officially call dibs on the sarcasam font.)

Around noon I started thinking that maybe my three year old wasn't quite ready. At this point he was running around with just a shirt because I was washing every pair of pants he owns. ...then he starts putting his poo-poos in the potty (continuing to put pee-pees on the floor though). I was happy enough not to be cleaning up poo-poos from the floor though. Then he got the idea that pee-pees in the potty get him two peanut M&M's! So then the pee-pees started going in the potty too!!! At one point I thought he may be dumping cups of water in the potty because he started going so often. I cleaned up a few accidents but they were usually done en route to the potty; which, by the way is located in the middle of the living room floor in front of the TV.

So little Scotty did well today, he even got the hang of doing it himself for those times when I was dealing with little Andrea. Right now he is asleep in a big boy pull up and I have zero confidence in him waking up dry... but I'm not too concerned about that!

Oh and swimming for the girls went GREAT! Sierra did inform me prior to the lessons that she would NOT be getting in the water but being the horrible mother I am, I forced them to the side of the pool where I promptly left them in the company of all their Danish friends and next thing I know... Sierra (and Michaela) are jumping into the pool and paddling around in the deep water! (with little floating things around their waists) They both loved it and want to go every day! One point for mommy! Good thing this went better than Volleyball! PHEW.

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Ingrid said...

You are right, all the girls at the party had a really nice time together! And the cake was amazing! All of us were really impressed!
I think Scotty is doing fine! Two M&M's are not to bad. Go on with that and don't tell him you got new diapers :-) ! I think he is ready, but it is a boring time (for the parents) until they are into the new routine.
Great to hear about the swimming! I seems like they are gonna have lots of fun there!
So you are also having telephone problems.... Let's talk and see if I can help.
See you, Ingrid


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