Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My doctor's appointment was more like a parole hearing. I sat in a little room in front of three doctors and stated my case on: "Why I Deserve to be Induced". I won!

BUT let's not get too excited. Winning really isn't winning here in Denmark. It just means I can start the "Inducing" process... which is quite the drawn-out process. I go in tomorrow morning for something to soften the cervix - after this I can go home to see if anything happens (usually doesn't). Then I will go back the next day to break my water and "hang out" in the hospital to see if anything happens... If nothing happens then I will get an IV with the good ole' Pitocin. So there is my baby update. I actually slept last night so I'm in a fairly good mood concerning this today.

As for Volleyball... It was better and Michaela and Sierra both enjoyed it for the most part. I'm not letting this little "giving birth thing" get them out of it though. I'll soften my cervix and then get on bus 18 to get them to Volleyball right on time! : ) **Kidding! I'm sure my lovely husband will stay home from work tomorrow... : )


Ingrid said...

Well done, again! Noone in Sweden gets 'inducted' if there is no problem or if you are at least two weeks after the planned date. Not even if you beg them :-) .
I understand you are bored, even if I don't know why. You are busy enough anyway, aren't you?
Good to hear the Volley ball was much better today!
Hugs and good luck, Ingrid

Michaela said...

sierra hated volleyball


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