Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Sorry... I've been laying about the house feeling sorry for myself today and I haven't gotten on the computer to confirm that there is no baby yet. At the doctor's appointment this morning they would have broke my water but the maternity ward was "busy" they will call me tomorrow and tell me when to come in. I did get to confirm it was a girl though! She has chubby little feet and legs. : )

Volleyball was a little better than yesterday... Only a short outburst of tears and refusal to play from darling little Sierra. This has turned into a power struggle which I WILL WIN. Once she gets over being embarrassed at not being a perfect volleyball player she admittedly has fun - and I think she's actually quite good! I don't know if I'll make them go tomorrow though. For the first time I really don't feel up to the long bus ride and walk. I don't think I could make it. Driving is just as bad though. I can't sit behind the wheel without my back being in excruciating pain. I'd rather ride the bus than drive... so I think I'll just stay at home and drink chocolate milk.

Ingrid - Thanks for the tip! I will try to avoid to ever having a baby in Sweden! : ) See you guys next week!

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