Thursday, August 21, 2008

My "not-so-smart-plan"

Scotty's birthday is tomorrow! YAY for my little three year old!!! He's extra cute and extra talkative and I love the boy lots. : ) We'll wait for my parents to come for the cake and presents but tomorrow we'll go out to eat to the kids' favorite restaurant for dinner... and open a few presents. :)

It's Sierra's birthday I'm scared of. It all started as a nice simple plan: "Invite Some Friends Over For A Sleepover". This plan was developed as a result of me trying to be a wonderful mom and make my daughter's birthday a fun and special day to remember. I'm guessing I may have been a little hormonal/confused from giving birth, but now that I've come around I fear I've done a bad, bad thing. FOURTEEN girls are showing up and this makes the kid-to-grown-up ratio extremely lopsided.

So what should you do when you accidentally invite 14 kids over to your house? You should involve paint of course. Painting pillowcases would be Dumb Idea #2. (Dumb Idea #1 was the sleepover plan to begin with!) Dumb Idea #3: Cake and Ice Cream before bed. Perhaps I'll spike the frosting with some benadryl. I'm sure the parents will understand.

Kidding of course... I'm sure we'll have a fun time. I'm guessing only four kids will want to call their parents in the middle of the night. I won't deliver any upset children to parents - However I will give them another spoonful of that spiked frosting.

AND - I met lots of more moms from school today! so I have more friends and that makes me happy! ...AND I heard a scary rumor that a family moved here from the states and the wife is expecting a baby in December! AHHHHHH!! I feel it's my responsibility as a good fellow American to tell her to run... run far and fast. Actually, if someone would have told me what it would be like I would have been stressed out for nine months. Maybe it's better not to know. Ignorance is Bliss.

I'm off to bed now. Hilde, my dear Belgian friend, I'm very sorry for not being a good blog writer. I will try to be better. : ) See you at school tomorrow!


ingrid said...

I agree with you, the coffee morning today was great and it is really nice with all the new faces everywhere.
But weren't you happy with the friends you had ;-) ?
Maybe you can spread out some stomach disease among the children to reduce the amount of girls for the party a little bit....
I think it will be a great party!
Which restaurant is your childrens favourite?
What problem did Hilde had with your blog?
See you, Ingrid

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, this made my day!
I got mentioned in two blogs on the same day! Jipieeee!
Don't worry about the sleepover, you have Paul and Scotty to help out don't you?
And you don't sleep at nights anyway with a new born, so what is the difference.. Put on some nice dvd's on, give them popcorn and their pillowcases and have a good night of talking (don't mention sleeping)
the famous blog person

Ingrid said...

Hi again,
Great plan, Hilde. You see, Tara, that's what friend are for (old friends :-) ! ).
Hilde, I guess you were mentioned in two blogs you know about, but I guess in lots of more blogs that you don't know about. I am sure there are many more of the new parents who visited you yesterday, who has blogs and wrote about the meeting in 'the mum Hilde's house' :-) . Soon you get really famous, as you also mentioned by yourself...
Tara, boxes are delivered.
See you both, Ingrid

Johan Franz said...

Hope you will have a great day!

Lots of hugs from Johan

Julie said...

Tara, you are brave! They will have so much fun! :)


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