Sunday, April 7, 2013

Egg Hunt

Yah.  We had a great time at our egg hunt....  (really... I could get a lot of use out of a sarcasm font)

It was a beautiful sunny day and Poozie and I walked hand in hand giggling about the Easter Bunny and the excitement of soon finding candy filled eggs.  We arrived a the park and stood behind the rope admiring all the pretty colors and deciding which magical egg she wanted to pick up first.  Her cute little eyes saw a sparkly purple egg off in the distance, "That one Mommy.  I just want to get one egg ...the purple sparkly one."  

The countdown ends and off she goes skipping towards it; blonde hair bouncing in the sunlight, her pink Easter basket swinging alongside her purple tu-tu.  Cue scary music...  A psycho mother and son team come tearing in from the side; I watch in horror as they grab the sparkly egg and run off to terrorize other cute little girls.  Egg hunt was over.  ....sigh.   Turns out the sparkly eggs have a prize inside...  Super.  

Andrea stood there for the duration of the egg hunt.  I tried to help her get other purple eggs, but they weren't sparkly enough.  She got zero eggs.... because she is the most stubborn four year old I know.  (No comments please mom.)   :)

Like a good mother, I have a back up egg hunt scheduled off we skip to another egg hunt.  Poozie functioned much better although I did have to pick her up and "save her" as the eggs became scarce and the kids a little more frantic.

Later that night we did a flashlight egg hunt at our house with a couple other families.  Very cute and it will be our new tradition.  Public eggs hunts are more of an "egg grab" as Scotty says.  Even with the flashlight hunt Sierra was willing to look and it took way longer to find eggs just tossed on the ground.  I figure with a couple acres I could amuse them for a long time in the dark.  :)

Micheala was still too cool to hunt for eggs.  I even tried to bribe her with $5.00 in one.  I should have none $5 can't get you much these days...  Oh well.  She did get upgraded to stuffing eggs though...

...and then there was the Easter Bunny's Egg Hunt.  He hid them in the house and outside too.  Except Sierra saw some outside and thought they were ones we didn't find in the flashlight egg hunt... so she collected them all.  And then re-hid them.

We survived Easter.  It was our SECOND Easter in the States marking our one year anniversary of being in the States for an entire year!!  I don't miss Germany, not one little bit, which seems mean, but I'm an American and I like American things.  :)    ....and Canadian things too I guess.  HA!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm Egg-stra Awesome

Look.  An Eggsicle.  HA!  I amuse myself.  :)

I definitely amused myself as I put up 120 eggs on the big tree at the end of our driveway.  :)  I even amused myself as I bought more for next year.  (Less amusing was the stringing, taping, and tying them with fishing line.)

Our tree is known as the Hollis Egg Tree ...well ...maybe only four people called it that so far.  HA!  I have used it to explain to people where we live though... and the kids on the school bus love it.  :)  I've decided next year I'm putting up even more eggs, 440 to be exact!  It's my little tribute to Germany.  It's actually a pretty common Easter sight in Germany ...eggs hanging from trees.  I can't say I've ever seen it here though.  Imagine that; something about Germany I find more "fun" than America!

Every day, while at the bus stop, I did "egg maintenance" and rehung the ones that had fallen, but sadly today was the day I took down all the eggs.  I decided since it was warm and sunny I didn't need the bright eggs to make me feel better.  Pretty good trade off I guess.

The un-egg-stillation wasn't as hard as I thought, but there are still an handful that need to be cut down.  :(  The wind tangled them all up in the branches and it was a bit of a fiasco; I was afraid to rip off the buds on the branches.  Removing them wasn't as bad and I thought though.  Truth be told as I was hanging them up I was afraid that maybe this wasn't the smartest thing I could be doing.  :)  Sure, putting them up was pretty easy with the help of a hockey stick, but I thought maybe I had signed myself up for a egg-ceptional mess when it came time to take them down.  It was all good though.  :)  


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