Friday, May 24, 2013

All about me...

I would like to dedicate the following post to my Aunt Gail who took time to write me a nice email since I've been such a slacker blog writer.  :)

I'm sorry the last post I wrote was clear back at Easter.  .....sigh.

Life's been busy.  :)  ...and I HATE the glorification of "being busy" that so many moms go on and on about so I won't go into details about how my days are so busy ...blah blah blah, moving children from one activity to the next, homework, bake sales, scouts, baseball, soccer, chickens, dinner, cats, volleyball, laundry, painting, dance classes ....  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Maybe everyone would understand my absence if I now mentioned that I went back to college and got a job.

There.  Feel bad about whining that you can't read my blog???  :)  

For the record, Aunt Gail did NOT whine about it; she nicely asked about how I was doing.  :)

Anyways, Yes.  I've already finished two courses at Rivier University ...trying to turn my Associates Degree into a Bachelors in Elementary Education.  Turns out I like kids more than adults.  :)  My current courses require five hours twice a week ...which does get me out of putting the kids to bed twice a week, but in the end I just end up missing the little monsters.

BUT... My teaching endeavor ...along with the fact I've caught Golden Eagles before, did help me get an actual part time teaching job at a local nature center.  :)

So yes. I have an official job.  It's more for fun, but it totally counts as a job and Scotty thinks I'm cool and he tells everyone he knows that HIS mom, "teaches kids about nature and knows what porcupine poop looks like".

My main job is to lead the field trips that all the local schools take.  The school bus shows up full of kids, they bounce off the bus like hyper-active jumping beans, and I try my best to show them "nature".  We catch frogs and turtles and bugs and go on long hikes trying to use up some of their second grade energy.  :)  Then I get home and I take a nap while Poozie pokes at my face.

Moral of the stories is ...yes, I'm busy, but I'll try to write on my blog more.  :)


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