Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Fun! :)

I remember posting about ski club last year and how I had originally thought it would involve a bus whisking my happy children off to a ski hill and return them three hours later, opposed to what really happened... which was me wrestling skis, boots, coats, and snacks to a frozen mountain top to endure a polar vortex of frozen-ness for two hours.

Yah, it's kinda the same thing this year.  However, at  this year I knew what I was getting into so I can't really complain!  See, the thing is I don't hate winter as much anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I still hate it, but just not as much ...maybe it's because winter hasn't really came this year.  I haven't even switched to Celcius yet!  There isn't any snow and that's been kinda a bummer, but oh well.  :(

Anyways... Even with the lack of snow here, the kids have still been able to go skiing, but technically Andrea and Michaela snowboard.  :)  Andrea traded in her skis for the cutest snowboard on earth...  A little Burton snowboard covered in cupcakes.  It is so tiny and adorable!!    Here she is in her green helmet, because I guess now is a good time to mention she hates pink.

Scotty is still a great skier.  He's kinda more awesome because he's totally self sufficient.  I could drop him off and pick him up and he could totally manage himself.  This is probably because when I'm off dealing with his less sufficient little sister he is on his own.  :) 

Yes, in this picture Andrea is on skis.  She's not quite ready for chair lifts with the snowboard ...we switch back to skis after her leasons for that. :)

Michaela also loves snowboarding, but she doesn't come with us during the week to ski club.  She likes to snowboard until 2am with her boyfriend and friends...

Yes... I know I haven't mentioned Sierra, but she hates the snow and everything about it.  After forcing her into ski lessons for a year I decided to tag out of that and leave her at home with the dog.  :)


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