Friday, May 20, 2016

My real Mothers Day

Ever wonder what an entire gallon of milk looks like on the floor?  This happened as we were sitting down to dinner... If you spill this much milk you are totally allowed to cry over it!  

...and I guess it wasn't so much of a spill as it was an explosion and then a "glug, glug, glug" as it flowed out of the broken plastic container while we all watched in silence.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Green Day. :)

I have tagged out of a lot of things, but I hold onto a few holiday traditions no matter what ...and Green Day is one of them.  My only concern on St. Patrick's Day is that we eat green food.

We had green pancakes, kiwi, spinach and green peas ...and Sprite a green bottle.  All kinda gross together if you think about it, but oh well.  :)

Child Labor... My gift on Mother's Day.

Happy Mothers Day to ME!  My day started off at Scotty's football game at 8am...  Football is obviously run by a man.  Soccer on the other hand is literally run by a few moms so we of course did not have soccer games today!  Yay!! ...not that I hate sports, but sometimes it's just painful to sit through, especially when your kid's football team is losing 36 to 6 and the other coach is being a punk... like a full on "should be punched in the face punk".  That bugs me.  A lot.

Football wasn't that bad; Happy brought me a chair and a blanket and super hot coffee so I didn't freeze and we sat with friends and laughed off the patheticness of our team.  :)

Michaela and Sierra took Andrea to her football game later in the morning.  Andrea was being grouchy about going so I thought if her sisters took her it would be more fun.  Nope.  Apparently she stood there the entire game ...wearing the coaches coat and informing everyone that she doesn't want to play football anymore.  For Andrea, I think we can pretty much cross off any sports that require running. 

Anyways, back to my magical day.  My kids were nice.  My husband was nice.  I saw some of my nice friends.  Pretty good day ...until I heard the chainsaw.

Who chainsaws things on Mother's Day?  

My husband of course.  I'm not quite sure why "operation clean the yard" started, but I guess in the end I'm glad it did because stuff got done and it was easier to convince the children to all help since it was MY special day.  As I was explaining to Michaela how to dig a hole she got out her phone and reminded me that last Mothers Day was a "work day" too ...seems she saved a picture.  :) 

Of course last year I do see that I am working on my special day.... Hmmmmm....

This year I worked much less...mostly I meandered around the yard telling people what to do and making sure the chainsaw was kept under control.  :)

Sierra was being difficult so we stuck her in the air for a while ...but we could still hear her so it really didn't solve our main problem...

Do you see the joy in their little faces?  Awwww....

You can't see Andrea's joyous face because she snuck back inside every chance she could. 

Yay for Mom Day!  :)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Easter Hunt and Hike!

Second Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Hike!
- yes I realize this is old, but my blog is going to go backwards for a while...

I have no idea why I am slightly obsessed with Easter. I think it has to do with the fun, bright colored eggs ...and I've realized I like hiding things for people to find.  :)

Anyways, I've started an "event" at Beaver Brook where we hide eggs on a trail and the kids hike along and find them.  It's actually a super awesome idea if I do say so myself!!

I started it because regular egg hunts stress me out.  First of all you HAVE to be there on time.  A minute late and you've missed the start ...and you are left with a crying child.  Besides you aren't really "hunting" for anything, you are literally running around and just grabbing ...and having to often fight off psychotic parents to get any eggs. I hate psychotic parents a lot.

Anyways, MY awesome egg hunt is an ongoing hunt where eggs are rehidden along the trail for two hours straight no stressful start time! ...and no psychotic parents to fight off...for the most part.  :)

The first year we did it was sort of a fiasco.  I had 70 kids sign up so I planned for 150 and the following happened.  I am just copying and pasting it from the email I sent a long time ago.  :)

----  Easter 2014.
Well.  That was fun.   : )

I am in awe of what happened today.  I still can't believe it!  It's my estimate that the Wildflower Trail probably saw around 500 kids today all their accompanying grown ups.

The egg hunt went exactly as planned for the first half hour, keeping in mind that I actually started at 12:30 with the thought of, "Well, I'll get these few people done and moving through" ...but people just kept coming!

By 1:20 we had gone through all 1412 eggs, (ten eggs a kid)  ...and re-stuffing with the extra ~1200 pieces of candy was going slower than anticipated.  We removed bunny pictures to lower the number of eggs to eight per kid and eventually we just started putting candy out sans the egg. Everything was gone by 2:00 and I had an hour to go and the place was still packed.

The Beaver (my husband) had already been sent to the store for more candy so we waited....   Kids played tag, ran through the gardens, poked at the compost, played with frisbees, looked for bugs, and dug holes with sticks.  We entertained with puppets and had live entertainment by yours truly: hokey pokey, Easter jokes, the wave, sing alongs, simon says... at one point I had everyone look at the clouds to see what they could see.  Everyone was happy and there was still not a piece of candy in all of Beaver Brook. 

As I talked with the 100+ people in line I learned that our egg hunt had made it ALL OVER the internet and that the Beaver Brook emails had been forwarded and forwarded and then forwarded again... turns out preschool and daycares had been busy advertising for us!

The Beaver finally returned at 2:30 with ~2500 more pieces which we quickly threw all over the trail and the last of the line was able to make it through by 2:55!  We only had a handful of candy left.

Today was controlled chaos at it's finest.  I saw only smiles and heard only positive comments. Everyone was so encouraging!  For many it was their first time to Beaver Brook mission accomplished!  

Out of curiosity I just googled  "egg hunt new hampshire"  and ALL of these sites had Beaver Brook's event listed and most had omitted the RSVP portion of it!  HA!!  :)

That is what I sent to "Beaver Brook" after our first hunt to explain the day since it was just my family and some friends running the entire thing because I thought it sounded like a fun idea.

It was obviously popular so I upped our egg count to 3000 and we were ready this year... Or so I thought!!  :) Actually, the day went well, but with a lot more restuffing than I anticipated!  

This is my favorite picture...

It's of my brother in laws entire family plus some random friends who offered to help ...they are stuffing eggs ...which they did for 90 minutes straight... While I popped my panicked head in every now and then to confirm the were stuffing as fast as possible.

Some of them would leave to go re-hide or collect empties.  They pretty much saved my butt, because even with my 3000 stuffed eggs we were struggling to keep up with the crowds.  We had 1000 people hike that small trail in just two hours.  Insane.  Luckily we had opened the whole barn and had crafts going on and the bird museum opened... It turned into a huge day and tons of fun for everyone.  ...but it would have been a MASSIVE fiasco without my family and friends!!

After Easter I bought another 1000 so we are ready for next year.  :) 

PS.  Both hunts were free and I was pretty bent on keeping it that way, but even without a specific cost people donated over $600 each year.  See.  People are nice.  :)

Spring Break - Waterfall!

We went hiking!  I realize I hike for work ...and even get paid to take my kids hiking every Wednesday afterschool for "Forest Freetime", but I never take them just for fun. Oops.  Bad mom.

This Spring Break while everyone went to Florida and the Bahamas and other warm places, we stayed behind in cold, rainy NH.  Oh.  Yay.  :)

It wasn't that bad sticking around; the kids had friends over and camped in the backyard, I worked a few days,  we planted plants and Scotty planted a watermelon farm, and we hiked to this waterfall ...twice ...because it was so awesome we had to take our friends back!

It was just a small waterfall, but the kids said it was better than Niagra Falls because you could play in it ...and the stream we hiked along to get to the bigger waterfall had lots of rocks and stuff to jump and play on.  Blue had a great time too!

Even Sierra liked it.  When you get a 15 year old girl to say "cool" it's as good as hitting the lottery...  So.  That was our exciting Spring Break.  Except for the part I had to go to the ER because I ate almonds.  Apparently, now that I'm old, I can't eat Almonds!  Lesson learned.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Fun! :)

I remember posting about ski club last year and how I had originally thought it would involve a bus whisking my happy children off to a ski hill and return them three hours later, opposed to what really happened... which was me wrestling skis, boots, coats, and snacks to a frozen mountain top to endure a polar vortex of frozen-ness for two hours.

Yah, it's kinda the same thing this year.  However, at  this year I knew what I was getting into so I can't really complain!  See, the thing is I don't hate winter as much anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I still hate it, but just not as much ...maybe it's because winter hasn't really came this year.  I haven't even switched to Celcius yet!  There isn't any snow and that's been kinda a bummer, but oh well.  :(

Anyways... Even with the lack of snow here, the kids have still been able to go skiing, but technically Andrea and Michaela snowboard.  :)  Andrea traded in her skis for the cutest snowboard on earth...  A little Burton snowboard covered in cupcakes.  It is so tiny and adorable!!    Here she is in her green helmet, because I guess now is a good time to mention she hates pink.

Scotty is still a great skier.  He's kinda more awesome because he's totally self sufficient.  I could drop him off and pick him up and he could totally manage himself.  This is probably because when I'm off dealing with his less sufficient little sister he is on his own.  :) 

Yes, in this picture Andrea is on skis.  She's not quite ready for chair lifts with the snowboard ...we switch back to skis after her leasons for that. :)

Michaela also loves snowboarding, but she doesn't come with us during the week to ski club.  She likes to snowboard until 2am with her boyfriend and friends...

Yes... I know I haven't mentioned Sierra, but she hates the snow and everything about it.  After forcing her into ski lessons for a year I decided to tag out of that and leave her at home with the dog.  :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas in Canada

We went to Canada for Christmas.  It was cold.  The kids got gifts.  There, I posted something.  



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