Sunday, May 8, 2016

Child Labor... My gift on Mother's Day.

Happy Mothers Day to ME!  My day started off at Scotty's football game at 8am...  Football is obviously run by a man.  Soccer on the other hand is literally run by a few moms so we of course did not have soccer games today!  Yay!! ...not that I hate sports, but sometimes it's just painful to sit through, especially when your kid's football team is losing 36 to 6 and the other coach is being a punk... like a full on "should be punched in the face punk".  That bugs me.  A lot.

Football wasn't that bad; Happy brought me a chair and a blanket and super hot coffee so I didn't freeze and we sat with friends and laughed off the patheticness of our team.  :)

Michaela and Sierra took Andrea to her football game later in the morning.  Andrea was being grouchy about going so I thought if her sisters took her it would be more fun.  Nope.  Apparently she stood there the entire game ...wearing the coaches coat and informing everyone that she doesn't want to play football anymore.  For Andrea, I think we can pretty much cross off any sports that require running. 

Anyways, back to my magical day.  My kids were nice.  My husband was nice.  I saw some of my nice friends.  Pretty good day ...until I heard the chainsaw.

Who chainsaws things on Mother's Day?  

My husband of course.  I'm not quite sure why "operation clean the yard" started, but I guess in the end I'm glad it did because stuff got done and it was easier to convince the children to all help since it was MY special day.  As I was explaining to Michaela how to dig a hole she got out her phone and reminded me that last Mothers Day was a "work day" too ...seems she saved a picture.  :) 

Of course last year I do see that I am working on my special day.... Hmmmmm....

This year I worked much less...mostly I meandered around the yard telling people what to do and making sure the chainsaw was kept under control.  :)

Sierra was being difficult so we stuck her in the air for a while ...but we could still hear her so it really didn't solve our main problem...

Do you see the joy in their little faces?  Awwww....

You can't see Andrea's joyous face because she snuck back inside every chance she could. 

Yay for Mom Day!  :)

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