Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spring Break - Waterfall!

We went hiking!  I realize I hike for work ...and even get paid to take my kids hiking every Wednesday afterschool for "Forest Freetime", but I never take them just for fun. Oops.  Bad mom.

This Spring Break while everyone went to Florida and the Bahamas and other warm places, we stayed behind in cold, rainy NH.  Oh.  Yay.  :)

It wasn't that bad sticking around; the kids had friends over and camped in the backyard, I worked a few days,  we planted plants and Scotty planted a watermelon farm, and we hiked to this waterfall ...twice ...because it was so awesome we had to take our friends back!

It was just a small waterfall, but the kids said it was better than Niagra Falls because you could play in it ...and the stream we hiked along to get to the bigger waterfall had lots of rocks and stuff to jump and play on.  Blue had a great time too!

Even Sierra liked it.  When you get a 15 year old girl to say "cool" it's as good as hitting the lottery...  So.  That was our exciting Spring Break.  Except for the part I had to go to the ER because I ate almonds.  Apparently, now that I'm old, I can't eat Almonds!  Lesson learned.

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