Saturday, August 2, 2008

NO again....

I didn't have a baby - BUT... I did successfully sign the girls up for Volleyball next week! So they will go to volleyball every day next week for a couple hours. WHOO HOOO! I'm not quite sure what Scotty and I will do. :) Sit around and NOT have a baby...

I've also decided that 8-8-08 would be a fun birth date to have! Not that I'd like to wait that long.

I have nothing else to say. Besides I can only sit down for a half hour at a time because my back hurts so much. I am just going to go drink some chocolate milk and open up a box of American cereal to get me through the next week. I eat cereal at 2am every night because the longest I can lay down for until my back hurts is 2 hours. ...and Denmark's idea of "codeine" is a half of an aspirin. So feel free to send any extra vicadin my way guys.

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Ingrid said...

I think that date would be a funny date to be born at. And you know for the coming 80 years or so, she shall live with that birthday, so if you wait some more days in that perspective is....
One more thing for the girls next week! That's great. I think you have done lots of nice things during the summer, so I don't think your girls would be jealous :-).
Our children will play tennis two hours a day next week (but not at the same time of course....)
Today we should we went to an outdoor theater, but it rained so much so after a while they cancelled the performance (we were SOOO wet). We got new tickets for tomorrow, hopefully it will be better then. Have the girls met their new danish friends from the latino course or the girls from the new Vestas family again?
Hugs, Ingrid


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