Friday, August 15, 2008

I have ten minutes to type...

I'm a terrible mother. I haven't taken any pictures of Andrea for THREE days! But here's a cute picture of Scotty from a while ago. You can see how well our "taking-the-pacifier-away" plan is going. : ) But it is true that as you increase the number of children the photographs of each one decreases... I don't even have time to find the camera anymore - I should just leave it in my pocket.

I've been sick with a lovely breast infection and after talking to eight different "medical" people I finally convinced one to give me antibiotics. Not liking Denmark very much right about now... but finally feeling better. I finally emerged from the bedroom today after a two day stint in there.

The girls started school on Wednesday, they like it since they have all their friends back and have made some new ones too. Guess I should have taken a picture of that too. They both start swimming lessons on Monday. Sierra is having her birthday party (a sleepover) next weekend. With any luck I'll survive the rest of the month in time for my mom and dad to show up so I can officially go insane.


Dale said...

Congratulations, Tara & Paul (Michaela, Sierra & Scottie, too) on your new, beautiful baby Andrea! Another August baby :-) All our best! ~ D

Ingrid said...

Thank's a lot for the help for Linnea! She still have a lot of pain on her knees.
Taking photos is one thing and it is the same for our children (most photos of the oldest one), but then you should organise them in some way too... That will never ever happen for all the three of them.... :-)
See you! Ingrid


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