Sunday, August 31, 2008

Potty & Italy

Quick update before little people wake up...

- Scott is a potty CHAMP!!! At 3:30am we were going pee-pees in the potty! AND THEN he woke up dry too! He's pretty good at telling us and then running to the potty. He's been wearing his big boy underwear which is a step up from just being naked. We'll do another day of big boy underwear then move onto putting pants on! Then onto the big potty so we can actually go out in public!

A little less exciting than Scotty's pee-pee success is that we just booked tickets to Italy!!! YAY. Sierra got to have her 7th birthday in Paris under the Eiffel Tower so Michaela is going to have her 10th birthday in Italy at the Leaning Tower of Pisa! - Did I mention my birthday last week was held in my kitchen with McDonalds cheeseburgers? So any tips on visiting Italy are welcome. I'm trying to figure out trains, we want to visit Rome and the coast too.

My parents leave the States on Sunday to start the long, long, long journey here to visit us. I told them that if at any point the start to complain about the flights, or layovers, or anything else - to keep in mind that they could be doing the trip with three (or four) children! They'll be here Monday night. We are looking forward to that too!


Ingrid said...

I didn't know it was your birthday too, last week! Which day? Congratulation from us a little bit to late but from our hearts!
Italy sounds lovely! I have actually never been there, just a short visit when I was a child and we cross the limit from north, to have the possibility to say that we had been to Italy and have pizza for dinner :-) .
See you! Ingrid

Anonymous said...

sorry that we completely forgot your birthday! Could have brought some danish ketchup over to match the burgers.... So this means you finaly turned 30???!!!!


Michaela said...

i am hp got it
and for your information my birthday was in london


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