Monday, August 11, 2008

My pants!

I fit in a different pair of pants!! I've been wearing the same two pairs of pants and one pair of shorts for over a month now and FINALLY I can fit into the pants I wore... when I was six months pregnant. HAHA Not a huge accomplishment, but I'm happy to be out of those other pants and into something new. YAY!

So everyone is doing fine. Scotty still ignores little Andrea. I still think that he thinks she is a friend who is just visiting. : ) He is also a bit bummed that he can't drive his cars over my big belly anymore... Michaela and Sierra are doing great taking care of Scotty when I can't. They are playing with him and coloring and just being great big sisters for the most part. They are also good at cleaning up after him too... so they get big bonus points. Of course they often argue over who held Andrea last and for how long. : )

Andrea is a good baby. She only cries when she's hungry and sleeps for hours at a time. Every day I've even managed to get her and Scotty to sleep at the same time so I've found myself bored today. I made dinner this morning so it would be done and did the four loads of laundry and even played spider solitare to waste some time... :) Four kids - HA Piece of Cake! **yeah right** I know trouble is coming!

Paul's gone to work the last few days, I'd rather have him at home after school starts and I'm alone with Monster Scotty and a little baby. He's great at night to hand off all the kids though. Now that I think about it, four kids isn't that hard because you have that many more kids to help.

I'm feeling fine. I think I've recovered from the horrible hospital experience. It went something like this: ...and I believe this is the most detail I will offer up... unless you ask. :)

12:00 - We arrived at the hospital.
12:30 - They broke my water.
1:00 - We went to McDonalds for ice cream.
1:15 - We sped back to the hospital thinking it was a bad idea to go to McDonalds. (I ate my ice cream in between contractions.)
1:30 - I was in pain. I was promised epidurals and pain relief "in a few minutes".
1:45 - I was in unbelievable pain. Was told a "Few more minutes for the epidural"
2:00 - Walked to the delivery room, in amazing pain... Was told to wait 15 minutes to monitor baby before they called the doctor for the epidural.
2:02 - Realized I wasn't getting an epidural... I'm now yelling at people who probably didn't understand me. (hopefully)
2:10 - Asked for the air conditioner to be turned on and was informed "I was not in America and that they didn't have an air conditioner."
2:15 - Decided I didn't want another baby.
2:20 - Decided I wanted to go home.
2:25 - Asked for any form of pain medicine again... They finally told me "NO" instead of "a few more minutes"
2:29 - Little Andrea saved mommy's life by somehow coming out because her mommy couldn't have endured that for another minute.
4:00 - They gave me two tylenol. (gee, thanks. I wanted to throw them back at them.)
6:30 - We took Andrea home.

So that was it. I didn't have any desire to stay longer. The midwives were nice people... One was very "motherly" and probably prevented my passing out by just talking to me. But I can't decide if I hate her for lying to me about the epidural. Oh well, it's over... there you have it.


Julie said...

I'm glad you and baby are home and well! I still can't believe they didn't give you any drugs, yikes!!!
I won't go into too many details, but after over 72 hours of all back labor, I thought I was going to die until I got the epidural! I will remind myself to not have a baby in Denmark if we have any more kids...even though that's where Adam's ancestors are from! :)
Anyway, glad it's behind you now and you can enjoy your beautiful baby girl!

Ingrid said...

Haven't had any computer for some days, so now I try to catch up all that I missed. Nice to see you again!! What does your girls think about starting school again? All our children think it is great.
Sad to hear about your horrible experience at the hospital, BUT from 1 when the pain started until 2.29 when Andrea arrived, I must say the midwives maybe were right. You wouldn't have had time for the epidural. If you had thought about getting birth a little bit more slowly as normal mums, you would have had the epidural. I am sure about that :-) .
Didn't you get any laughing gas? That was what I got all the three times and I guess it helped a little bit.
So good to have those big girls helping you! Lucky you!
See you! Ingrid


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