Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Fourth at HOME!

 Is it wrong to tell about the Fourth of July on July 24th?    Well, this was our first Fourth of July in our NEW HOUSE in AMERICA which is still way better than EUROPE!  :)

...and what made it even better is that Erin and her kids came to visit us!!!

I met Erin in Denmark and we became instant friends because we were the only moms who wore tennis shoes.  :)   We were also both pregnant, but she was a sissy and flew back to the States to give birth, which was probably a good call since those Danish doctors did their best to kill me.  Anyways, Erin moved back to Pennsylvania before we left for Germany, so when we arrived in New Hampshire she packed her kids into the car and came to visit us ...because she LOVES us.  :)

All of the kids!  :)  Erin has three.  Told you ...she's a sissy.  :)

So there you have it.  We went hiking!  I was happy it worked out because it was a plan we came up while drinking coffee that morning.  :)  Our hike turned out to be perfect ...a nice mile long walk around a lake (okay, it was a pond).  There were lots of trees and bridges and little streams, oh, and a playground!

Next up ....beach!

Day two of Erin's trip involved the Beach.  They say New Hampshire is close to everything so I figured Mountains and Beach should just about cover Erin's New Hampshire experience.  :)  Beach was great.  Erin and I even got to lay out for a few uninterrupted minutes when we weren't repeatedly scooting our towels back from the tide or chasing a kid.

Her visit was great, and I didn't even mention the frogs, but I think Erin would rather forget those slimy things existed.  :) Thanks for driving all the way out to see us Erin!!

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

Meeting up with expat friends is the greatest experience!!!! So glad you got to host her family!


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