Thursday, July 12, 2012

the YARD

Happy couldn't wait!  I think it was on Day Three of being in the house that he went out, bought a chainsaw, and started "cleaning up" the yard.

The above picture is "Trusty Tractor vs' Mega Thorn Bush".  

"Mega Thorn Bush" won and "Friend's Truck" had to retrieve "Trusty Tractor".

The kids thought the daily bon fires were great even though you need a VERY, VERY, VERY long stick because the fire is SO hot!  Can you see Scotty's marshmallow on top of his VERY, VERY, VERY long stick?  Good thing he only likes his marshmallows to be slightly warmed; one swish near the fire and it's ready to eat.  


Before our trees were bushes and now they are more tree-like.  :)

Now this wasn't the result of Paul's sole chainsaw.  He hired three nice boys, who by the end of it thought I was crazy because I'd come out fuming every time I'd see an "unapproved" tree falling down. (even though it was a Paul approved tree).  I'd glare at them and yell at Happy.  It was a magical two FULL days, but in the end it's turned out okay.  I guess.  :)

At least we made room for my fruit tree farm, which I'm kinda excited about.  :)  Turns out we can't have a garden until Paul builds me an enclosed area.  We had a berry bush full of some sort of berry that looked yummy ....blackberry or raspberry?  It doesn't really matter because one day every single one of them was gone.  I'm glad a little deer got to eat a yummy dinner, but I wouldn't go out of my way to grow one for him.!


franziengland said...

Fruit tree farm?! You are amazing. So genuine! Tara the farmer! When all the rest of us end up going home to work at some boring office...

Jonathan Chambler said...

great info :-)

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