Sunday, July 8, 2012

Remember me?

I think I hit a record for "longest time without writing on my blog".  I did it so everyone will appreciate when I DO write.  :)

The last month has been a real blur.  Today has been the first day that I have sat down and opened my computer since the June 4th, when we moved in.  Since then we've had soccer playoffs, end of school things, field trips, traveled to California and had house guests.  So back to the beginning.....

Our move in day was a bit of a blur.  Paul took a U-haul and four moving guys and moved everything from the storage unit to the new house.  I was in charge of clearing out the furnished house.  We only had one day to get it all done and it was quite the day.  We even kept Michaela home from school to help with Andrea and other random things.  It was a fun day.

No.  It was not a fun day.  It was miserable.  It was long.  It was pouring rain because it pours rain every time we chose to move all of our personal belongings from one place to another....  I think the only people who had a worse day were the people who were moving out of our house.  They were a bit behind and when we were done we let them take our rented U-haul to use for the rest of the day.  They spent the next week coming back to get more of their things.  I think we found the only family who could make me feel better about the amount of stuff WE have.  :)    Okay, it wasn't miserable, but it was really, really tiring.  We were happy to finally be in our house.

That night our friends showed up with some Taco Bell and all the kids ran through the house spilling their tacos' contents.  Ahhh.... home sweet home.  :)

Everyone slept in our new rooms that night ...and in the morning I woke up to a giant mess.  :)

As I wandered around our new house I realized boxes had been put everywhere, rooms were mixed up was ....ummmm ....less than motivating.  :)  Paul set up the TV and a couch and the Wii and we were in action ...except we couldn't find the Wii games.  Of course Andrea was thrilled because the only game we had was the one that was in the Wii and it was her favorite Kirby game.  It took us a full week to find the other Wii games.  They were in a box labeled "Games" and I thought they were board games.  I'm still too scared to open the "Board Game" boxes.  Somethings are better left in boxes...

A week or so later, once we had the house in somewhat of a working order and things kinda in control, our storage unit from Oregon arrived.  Super. 20 cubic feet of stuff I hadn't seen or thought about in five years.  Paul was happy to be reunited with his tools and I was almost scared to see what I had to deal with.  Sierra and I opened a huge box to see it stuffed full of toys.  I counted eight barbies on top and quickly closed the box making Sierra swear to secrecy.  If Andrea finds that box of plastic China products I'm in real trouble.  I'm not prepared for that quite yet.

I'm pretty sure those storage boxes will provide some entertainment.  I wore my high school Lettermans jacket around the house the other day and today I pulled out seven cute hats for Andrea to wear.  I also found a box with every trophy I ever won. OUUUU....  even my math trophy!  Scotty will be so impressed!  I think those trophies are headed towards the fireplace mantel....  :)

So there is my super update on the move in.  I'll catch up with life now that I'm back into the swing of things... maybe.  :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Love reading your down to earth moving stories ;-) Wish I was there...

franziengland said...

THANKS for writing again! I have truly missed your posts and have been here so many times to see if something new is coming up :) !
Guess we get a report from the California trip too later on...
I really hate moving!! Don't look forward to that AT ALL! We have MORE stuff than you! Trust me!
The seller of your house must have been SO happy to see what kind and great people that are moving in to their house!!!!!!
Then chaos is not so intense I am sure you will love every part of your new home. I guess you already do! Look forward to more photos further on! HUGS to all of you!


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