Friday, July 27, 2012


We picked strawberries at a fruit farm!  :)  It was super cool!  The last time I picked strawberries was during a field trip with Michaela's first grade class, and if you didn't know sweet daughter will be starting high school in a few weeks.  (If I don't chicken out and just keep her home.)  

Back to strawberries...

Picking strawberries was cute and it's a shame the season really only lasts for a few weeks, a few weeks that happened way back in July.  What kind of fruit only grows for three weeks out of the entire year?  Oh well, thanks to our NH friends we went and picked and learned it was really fun!  :)

Looking at this picture I'm surprised to see any berries in Little Andrea's bucket at all.  Her idea of picking strawberries was to walk down the rows eating them.  One could have followed a little trail of half eaten strawberries straight to her.  We had to clean her strawberry face off before going to buy them, a process that involves weighing them.

Oh, and PYO.  It means Pick Your Own!  See how rural I am now!

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franziengland said...

Totally agree! Strawberry season is WAY to short. It's fun to go pick your own ones. Will you plant some at home?


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