Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To the West Coast!

Two weeks after we moved into our new house we all left it to make our annual trip to California.
If it wasn't for a family reunion, which was scheduled over a year ago, we probably would have skipped the California trip this year ...or at least made it for later in the summer.  :)  That's how life goes sometimes, so we packed some suitcases AGAIN and off we went.  Timing was less than ideal, but it was still a fun and worthwhile trip!

We weren't the only ones who thought the timing could be better.  My parents bought a house the same week we did and so they were also in the middle of moving during our visit.  On second hand, maybe my mom and dad timed that perfect.  I think the next time I move I'll invite all my children back home to help.  :)

So.  Now Nana and Papa have a pool and needless to say the kids loved it.  Scotty and Andrea were unsure at first, but soon they were paddling around on their own and having fun while happily wearing a life jacket.

My niece Audrey is a fearless fish.
Bear taking Scotty on a ride.  :)
Bear the Fish.
Nana and Poozie
Papa and kids!
Andrea and Papa were best friends in the pool.  :)
Poozie and Papa Paddling in the Pool. 
Yay for Popsicles!
KE, being a cool teenager while sitting on three noodles.
Princess KE being cool without three noodles.

As you can see, most of our vacation was spent in my parents pool.  In addition to the new pool, it was a much different trip than our other annual California trips.  This time I didn't spend hours trolling the aisles of Target, no more trying to see just how many boxes of cake mix I can physically carry in my back pack.  I only traveled with one checked bag.  :)  WOW!

...AND I didn't walk around feeling fat the entire time from eating every American thing I missed. I even managed to limit my cereal meals to breakfast.  :)  The one place we ate at probably a dozen times was In-N-Out Burger ...and I guess we had it for breakfast too.  :)  I do miss their food, but I think I found a pretty good equivalent here called Four Guys.  

There you have it.  Our trip to California. ...and despite the only pictures of the pool, yes we went to the before mentioned reunion.  I also got to see my bestest, longtime friend Trini.  I spent a few days with my grandma, just drinking buttermilk and hanging out.  :)  It was a nice, relaxing trip, which was good because when we got home on July 3rd we had to get back to unpacking and getting ready for our house guests who arrived the next day which was the Fourth of July!  :)  YAY!!!

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franziengland said...

OH, you did well! How nice to get the chance to help out with your parents move, since you are an expert at moving, ha ha ha ha. Pool looks big and great!!!
Glad to hear you had some nice days and meeting good old friends is nice.
Look forward to hear more about anything going on! Hugs.


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