Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day!

My first Memorial Day in five years!  It was an awesome weekend!


We went to the beach with our friends.  I'd almost go as far to say it was better than Santa Cruz!  It's so close... only an hour away and it was an easy drive... no traffic anywhere, those Santa Cruz Mountains are nice and all, but I strongly dislike driving through them.

At this beach the parking was close to the sand, and the sand was close to the bathrooms, and the bathrooms were close to a small place to buy ice cream.  There were also tide pools where all the kids could torture small aquatic animals.  :)   Wheeee....  

I'm kinda excited about this because we LOVE the beach and this one was really nice ...AND it just might save me from a $500 trip to Santa Cruz this summer.  :)  YAY!!  The beach being so awesome is a HUGE bonus for New Hampshire.

PS.  The water was so cold it REALLY hurt to stand in it.  There was no "getting used to it".  I would do a flamingo move and stand on one foot, alternating so that each foot got a turn at hypothermia.  I was thoroughly impressed the kids got all the way in.  I really don't know how they did it!


We planted stuff.  With the big move to our new house coming up and all of it's many acres; we will be obligated to become farmers ...and come November every farmer will have a pumpkin patch!!  I wanted to get our plants started so we weren't the loser family who was finally harvesting pumpkins in December.

Scotty walked in the Memorial Day Parade with his Tee Ball team!  :)  It was cute and I'm glad he did it ...less happy I had to do it, but it was a good opportunity to check out everyone in Nashua; just line them all up and let me walk through.  At least I finally got a chance to walk through downtown.  :)

Scotty waved the entire time.  I had told him to make sure he waved at the little kids because they would really think he was cool in his uniform.  :)  He waved at every little kid he saw.  After the parade we went to a BBQ and met another family with four kids... one of her kids bit the other one, so I think we can be friends.  I don't like to associate with "perfect families" or those who try and pretend to be.  Gag.  

So the weekend was fun.  It was everything a "long weekend" should be!  :)  Go USA!!!


Kelli Nørgaard said...

I think you are fitting right back into American life with NO problem!!! :-)
And that starfish the kids found is AWESOME!!!

franziengland said...

Can't believe you are so busy already! I look forward to move back home and you know, in the beginning noone expect anything from you since they don't know you... To relax a bit. But YOU are straight in there!!!
I do understand why, you have such great things to do and seem to already have made great friends. THAT helps a lot!!
Thanks for sharing!! Hugs.

Kelly said...

I think Krista has the same suit as Andrea! At least really similar. She'll be so excited!!

newfoundlanderinnh said...

Tara - I laughed as I read this because I don't remember the biting incident!

franziengland said...

Thanks for calling the other day! So nice to talk to you!!
Hope you have had safe travels... Enjoy family! Hugs.


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