Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Tube

My three year old loves YouTube!

How terrible is this? :) I just now figured out how it all started too... Remember a long time ago when I wrote about the blue ball machine thingy and someone posted a link to a YouTube video about a Rube Goldberg thingy involving a ball. Are they all called Rube Goldbergs? You know, the things where a ball goes down a slide, hits something, it hits something else, which does something else, and that does something else... etc... Either way, he loved that video and watched it for days, then he wanted MORE!

Next he found Domino movies from FlippyCat. There is a cat involved and sometimes the cat hits over the first domino. :) Scotty watched these forever. Then he found ABC songs/music videos. (He loves to sing the ABC song.) THEN he found marble runs, hotwheels car tracks, and mario cartoons. He hasn't ever found any inappropriate movies until he started watching the mario ones. The mario cartoons will sometimes lead him to movies that people make up involving mario, luigi, sonic the hedgehog... all his favorite people. :) Some of the mario cartoons lead to "not nice ones" so now he knows he can't watch those. (After you watch a video it has a list of similar ones on the side to choose from so you get "led" through videos. This is how he "finds" new categories.)

So this is his favorite new thing to do on the computer, he just navigates through it all himself. He's a smart little three-year old. :)

I have a few videos on YouTube too. You have to search for rabbitbearbug and it will pull them up... They are just the ones I have posted on here I think. Scotty is completely uninterested these ones.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

love the new masthead pic!!

And I totally understand this! My sister used to give my niece the iPhone in her stroller and let her watch youtube videos at the about entertainment on the go!

honeypiehorse said...

My kids love the sneezing panda. but I had to cut them off because they were encroaching on my blog time.


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