Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love buses.

I chased down three buses today in an attempt to NOT miss them. Made it onto all three thank you very much! Freezing temperatures and eye stinging wind really inspire you to NOT miss buses.

Scotty had to go pee-pees at the bus stop... so he did. This is of course when the bus pulls up. I zipped up his snow suit with his naked bum inside and carried him like a sack of potatoes onto the bus. I refer you to the first comment about my inspiration for NOT missing buses.

On the last bus of the day, Sierra and her two friends didn't get off the front of the bus while I was getting off the back of the bus with Michaela, Scotty and the stroller. Chased the bus down yelling, it stopped, and three stressed out girls got off. I laughed.

I'm going to bed now. Two more bus days.


Archaeogoddess said...

I think you should be canonized for this week of bus hell. Just thinking about taking the bus makes my palms sweat. (I have gotten on the wrong buses in America and it's no picnic, I have a deep fear of what might happen to me here. Get on a bus, end up where...?)

honeypiehorse said...

I would not have laughed. You go girl.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

God, Paul owes you...... Like several pairs of shoes worth!! LOL

But Scotty peeing at the bus stop makes him fit in with all Danish guys.... Just drop those drawers and go for it.


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