Thursday, March 5, 2009

Danish News

I'm learning so much by reading my new Danish news website in English.

- Denmark only has three Pizza Huts and they are all closing. Very sad. We will go to Pizza Hut this weekend before it is gone forever.

- People are thinking about taking their food home from restaurants in doggy bags. Nobody EVER does this. I ask sometimes, but I feel very dumb.

- Parking fines are being refunded to certain people in Copenhagen who got a ticket within the last two years. You just need your ticket stub to see if you qualify... Yeah, right.

- By 2030 Aarhus wants to have 375,000 residents... and they are relying on immigrants (ME) to do this. However... Next One: There are 600 kids without a spot in a school because of poor planning.

- More women die of breast cancer in Denmark than in any other European country.

- People are shot, stabbed, robbed here on a regular basis... just like the rest of the world.

- My favorite: "City hospitals flunk patient satisfaction rating" Hmmmm... never would have thought...

Lots of good things to read in English. It would be fun to lose the computer though. I'd rather hold a paper in my hand. I think I will get a subscription... maybe someone wants to share one with me. :)


Laura said...

The breast cancer issue is because they don't generally believe in doing mammograms here. They think there are too many false positives to make it worthwhile. Very sad.

I'll have to hit my local -- well, 20 km away -- Pizza Hut soon, I guess. I wonder if they make those extra cheesy crusts like back home now.

Archaeogoddess said...

The Pizza Hut near, in or on Klostertorv in Århus (gah with the spelling, near the Fotex and the Frue Kirke) is already closed. I went to the shwarma shop across the pedestrian street and noticed that they've closed up and that they've taken down some of the signs. Either that or they've turned the lights down low and are hiding from the crazy American lady with the hungry look (me).

Tara said...

Very sad news... I had just told my kids we were going to say goodbye to Pizza Hut this weekend. :( I wonder if they would like a shwarma instead. :)

Better to know now rather than when we get there hungry though! Thanks!

Ingrid said...

Thanks for this great summary!
I had no idea about Pizza Hut. Rikard was there with the children two weeks ago... We sometimes take our friends there for dinner when they are here and we don't have energy for cooking one more meal that weekend. What was the reason for closing it down? It is always lots of people eating there when we go there.
(Fun to see that this is the biggest and most important news to us though.... :-) .)
You are right, we wouldn't use doggy bags.., ha ha.
Are you serious about the 600 children? I think they must mean kindergarden, I think all children in the school age has a spot...


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