Monday, March 2, 2009

New favorite site

I found this on another expat's blog so I take no credit for finding it. I want to share because I think it's great. I've always wanted to know about the "local" news, but have never been able to understand any of it.

I'd get a subscription but I'll need to save my kroners to afford the $200 a year it would cost. Who knows... I might splurge - seeing English in my mail may be worth it! :)

Did you know that lots of people have died from Salmonella here in Danish pork? Guess I shouldn't have bought all that pork on sale a few months back... See, news is helpful.

AND... See, there are too guns in Denmark because people are shooting at each other in Copenhagen... alot! Toldja' I just couldn't prove it because I couldn't understand the news. Now I'll be able to relay all the bad things to everyone. :)

Thanks C&H!


Anonymous said...

Here's some other big national Danish newspapers with "News in English" websites.

Jylland's Posten
Børsen (Denmark's "Wall Street Journal")

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I have been using the post since I arrived with my English students...they love reading the Danish news in English in our lessons... so I LOVE IT!
I actually wrote to the post in Dec to ask if they had an opening for an editor because they have SO many mistakes in their grammar and spelling But they did not take me up on the offer! :o)

Ingrid said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I hadn't heard of it before.

'Babs' said...

Kelli: I've noticed the mistakes too, very shameful! My spelling and grammar is atrocious but even I notice the glaring mistakes.

You should see the mistakes made in a lot of the English books they use in folkskole here - also very shameful. I contacted one company who churns out these books, to tell them of each and every mistake and they basically said it didn't matter because they didn't need the kids here to be masters of English, but just to have a slight grasp. LOL.

Mission accomplished.

Re: people dying from eating Danish mass produced pork products: if you had a little look inside the places where they rear those poor creatures it would put ye off eating pork for life. As a general rule of thumb we never eat pig products anyway (like eating dog, pigs will eat ANYTHING!!, but especially we don't eat meat that has been produced in great quantities in a CAN that be healthy?

Plus, we've been sick too many times after eating Danish meat, so we learnt to give it a wide berth pretty early on. I don't know what they do but it aint right.

ALSO, am I the only one to notice the lack of hygiene in restaurants here? I have worked in one and I was shocked, they don't seem to have basic knowledge of cleanliness and they do not wash their hands and they do not use gloves. Recently in a fast food joint, I saw a guy scratch his very dandruffy scalp and then go straight to stuffing a bagel with salad with his bare hands (no gloves again).

This country is in the dark ages as far as hygiene goes. The numbers of people dying in hospitals here through low standards of cleanliness is also nothing to be proud of.

I stay because it's like a circus, LOL.


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