Sunday, March 8, 2009

Haircuts, Field Trips, and...

Lots to catch up on = Longest post ever

Haircuts by Mommy
Add "barber" to my long list of job titles. I will not pay $25 to get each of my kids hair cut so I cut all their hair myself ...and sometimes they just look funny for a while. :) Michaela says her hair is too short, I just trimmed the sides and back of Scotty to see how it looked, and Sierra has long bangs that you can't really see because she wears a headband 24 hours a day. Now I can afford to go get my haircut. :)

I told Michaela if she stuck her tongue out I'd put it on here...

Bornehaven Field Trip

Scotty had some of his friends from bornehaven come over. :) At his little preschool the kids go on field trips quite often so Scotty goes somewhere at least every other week, usually with one teacher and two other kids. Sometimes they take a bus somewhere into town, but sometimes they just go to one of the kids houses to play. :) I think this is so cute!

Last week it was Scotty's turn to have his friends come over. I dropped him off at bornehaven and then later that day he rode the bus home with his teacher and they brought two of his friends. Scotty showed everyone his room and all his toys and his video games. (His teacher said we had more toys than the school. ) He thought it was so funny to bring his friends and teacher over. :) We all ate lunch together and then his friends went home on the bus and Scotty stayed with me. I think this is a totally cute idea for preschools.

Scotty and Andrea

Provided that Scotty is in a good mood he now likes Andrea. He holds her hand in the bath when she cries, he picks up toys that she drops, and he even shared his covers with her. He will put the pacifier in her mouth if she cries and will stick his tounge out and "spit" to make her laugh. He even carried her once (with help from mommy)!

However, he has his boundaries. She is NOT allowed to touch his cup of juice...even when it is empty. He does also get mad when she takes one of his toys... but he gives it to her first. He's silly. Scotty says "She looked at my car and I gave it to her." he crying because she has the toy that he gave her. We are learning to trade toys with her.

Yummy Food

Andrea has been eating lots of food lately. Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Avacados, Peaches, Plums. She likes eating most everything. At dinner we give her a teething cookie and she enjoys that while I get to eat... then I have to clean her up: her hands, face, hair, arms, belly... I need a bigger bib. :)

Last night I even gave her her first bottle! She chewed on it for the most part, but some of the milk must have fallen in her mouth because it was soon gone. I've decided that since I've been breastfeeding for seven months I'm a superstar, espically by American standards. :) I still will, but she will probably end up getting a bottle at night sometime to help her tummy get more full.

Andrea has also kicked Sierra out of her room. This week I am going to put Andrea in Sierra's roon and Sierra downstairs in Michaela's room on the fold out bed. I'm hoping to get some sleep in the near future. I am beginning to get a little grouchy. I haven't slept all night in about a year now... probably closer to four years though. I can't believe I've been raising kids for 10 years!!

Trip Home

We are still trying to figure out and book the flights to have specific dates. Paul has been gone for the last two weeks (and leaves again next week to Spain)... so we haven't sat down with more than 20 quiet minutes to think. Hopefully we'll have dates tonight!! June, July or August....


Ingrid said...

I would love to be able to do my childrens haircut by myself, but it would be a catastrophe, so I pay and cry the whole way home :-) .
I also like the kindergarten home visiting idea! We don't do that in Sweden (because nobody is at home at the daytime :-) ), but it must bring the children closer to each other to know how it looks at a friends house and the children are normally very proud to show their home. I like it!
Are you planning a vacation back home or do you plan to leave "forever"?

Tara said...

Ingrid bring your kids over. I'll whip out my scissors and cut their hair and I'll only charge you 100 kroner!

As of now... our trip "home" will be just a vacation and we will return.

see you!

Lisa said...

I love the fact you cut the kids hair. I was a beautician before so if and when I get moved I can cut yours and you will save even more money! Love the home visit, what an awsome idea! I nursed Zach for 8 months and I think that was a real accomplishment, it is not an easy thing so congrats!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Ok, I love the fact that since you cut all their hairs, you can afford to get yours done professionally!! As it should be, Mom!!!!!

Garkbit said...

Somebody should hold "Basic Infant Haircutting for New Parents" classes. You charge, maybe, 500Kr per head (!) and people come flocking in because they know they will save a fortune over the next few years. Of course you would risk being firebombed by the local hairdressing cartel.

Ingrid said...

Good to know that you plan to come back :-) . We hope for that.

Tara said...

Someone should show me how to cut hair... Does anyone know? It looks so simple. But I really don't know what I'm doing... I tried to do Paul's once and it was a disaster. :)

Ninster said...

The kids haircuts look great! Leave it up to Tara, Jack of all trades!


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