Thursday, March 12, 2009


I decided to leave Scotty at bornehaven an extra half hour since it's getting warmer. He seems to be enjoying the outside playtime more now that he's learned how to make the bikes and scooters work ...and how to throw sand on the roof and screech with happiness as it slides down and falls over his head.

His teacher says he gets along with all the girls much better than the boys. :) Yesterday when I went to pick him up he was trotting around the little path holding two girls hands. When I drop him off there is always three little girls that run up to him and give him a hug. Today a little girl ran up to him, yelled "Scotty!!", gave him a hug, yelled something in Danish which Scotty repeated... and then they both ran off. Scotty paused only for a half of a second to turn and throw me a kiss... leaving me there to feel sad that my little boy is perfectly happy without me. :(

I've also started a new thing with his teachers. I brought in a book to write notes to his teachers. This way I can talk to them without hunting down a translator. :) I translate my English into Danish with the help of the computer and to read what they write I type it all in and translate it into English. Pretty time consuming just to find out Scotty needs to practice using scissors, but it's worth it. :)

I'm glad he likes his bornehaven. :)

P.S. Buggy is one of Scotty's nicknames: Scotty Bug. Scotty Monster. Brown Eyes.

P.P.S. I hope he doesn't wet the bed tonight. :) We are going for a record... so far - two dry nights in a row.

AND - Pizza Hut doesn't have the most exciting pizza, but it is familar. We ordered some odd pizzas from the little pizza places which are everywhere here. Ick. Who puts hot dogs on a pizza? Although tonight for dinner we made our own pizzas and we put spaghetti on one. :)


Garkbit said...

The trouble with pizzas in Denmark is that most of them are made by Pakistanis and Turks. Which is a real shame because I'd much rather eat Pakistani and Turkish food anyway!

Laura said...

Garkbit is absolutely right. Most of these people have little conception of what a pizza topping should consist of. The worst I've seen was a zucchini and corn topping. Imagine the sogginess...

Kelli Nørgaard said...

you are right... FAMILIARITY is sometimes better than flavor!!!
And I totally agree.. WEINERS ON A PIZZA??? I do not care if you call them sausages...they still look like oscar meyer weiners! LOL

C and H Romenesko said...

I agree. We 'tried' pizza here and didn't find it to our liking...the hawaiian pizza had a ton of shredded ham, but it was more like spam...kind of gross. Sooo I tested a handful of crust and sauce recipes and think I mastered it. I'll email you the recipes.


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