Sunday, March 15, 2009

Move over Betty Crocker!

I put Betty Crocker and that Pillsbury Dough Boy to SHAME!!! Look at the wonder of a housewife I've become!!!!

I BAKED strawberry muffins, cinnamon muffins, and banana bread last night, AND for the grand finale - this morning I baked cinnamon rolls that were pretty darn close to the CINNABON ones!! I rock. The girls helped so I guess I can't take all the credit. We rock. :)

All of this baking was because I had told the girls we would have a party when it reached 10 degrees Celsius (50 F). ...and Last Thursday was toasty warm and reached a whopping 14 degrees according to the "official" bank thermometer. So a party was needed... We decided to have a breakfast party on Sunday morning, my only free time this next week, and this resulted in me baking numerous delectable breakfast items full of yummy goodness. :)

Here is Andrea sitting in the 14 degree sun and not enjoying it. I wanted to show that she isn't always a smiley little Poozie. Sometimes she is gets VERY mad! ...but she is still the cutest thing ever. This was the day before she was officially sick so I don't think she was feeling all that great. Yes, she has her first cold. :( Very sad for my little coughing and runny nosed Cooey-Bird. She has only slept in her car seat the last two days because she can't breathe well and that makes her and me sad and cranky.

She is still feeling yucky and coughing today, not seeming to be any better... if Poozle isn't happier tomorrow I will wait until the doctor's office closes and take her to the after hours clinic to see a doctor. :) I don't know what they'll do for her though... there's nothing they really can do probably, but she's little and I want to make sure she is okay.

I'm off for a lunch with another mom... away from my little family. With Paul having been gone the majority of the last three weeks I'm a bit tired of my loving children. :) :)


Kelli Nørgaard said...

I am so glad I am not the only one that takes pics of my cooking masterpieces in Denmark!!! :o) Everything looks yummy!!

Tell Andrea to hang on...that 14 degree weather will start coming more often SOON!!! WEll, I hope!

Wendy said...

You know you're a devoted blogger when you stop to take pictures of your kids crying before you comfort them.

"Oh, I have to get this for the blog!" LOL.

It's okay, I do it too.


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