Monday, March 23, 2009

Me NOT complaining.

I will not complain.

I will not whine about the fact I don't have a car for an entire five days. I gave it up voluntarily so I won't complain even a little bit. It is good I am not complaining because I gave my children a long lecture about those less fortunate than us and how going without a car for a week is nothing compared to the burdens some people deal with. I am happy for the exercise, I'm sure the cold air is good for my lungs.

I will also not whine about the ghetto buses I had to ride on all day, you know the old beater ones with leaky roofs and steep, anti-stroller steps. I won't say anything mean about those rude, selfish people who didn't help me on or off the ghetto buses. I'm not going to complain about the continual rain ALL day long which stopped only to turn to hail before going back to rain. I'm not going to say how I looked like a wet, windblown mop when I finally arrived home after four hours of bus riding around Aarhus.

I won't tell you how depressing it was to come home four hours after I left the house at 8:00am, to sit on the couch for an hour and then put back on my still wet coat to go back out to ride more ghetto buses to pick up my son. I will say how happy I am that the girls had a ride home from school as well as to and from ice skating.

I will say that I am happy that I had three cans of Campbell's chicken noodle soup to feed my children dinner. I won't complain about the fact that they didn't like it, I'll just be happy they prefer the chicken soup that takes three hours to make out of a real chicken and real vegetables. What has happened to my children?

So there is my day... the "not-complaining" version. The complaining version would only make my mUm call me a whinger... which I can't spell correctly anyways. :)

To end on a happy note: All my children are my heros today because:

- Michaela and Sierra both skipped a level in ice skating. After a couple months of lessons they are both on level three! (out of seven) They can skate backwards as quick as they can skate forward, they can spin around, they can wiggle their skates all over, and stop like a little hockey player. I'm super impressed. Unfourtunately, the ice skating rink is now closed... so I am in search of a new rink somewhere and I am willing to drive. :)

- Andrea spent the day in her carseat and was a happy little girl about it. She then made me super happy tonight by drinking the fourth bottle of her life. She slurped it all up like a pro and went into a milk induced sleepy-coma and went to bed. I HOPE she sleeps well.

- Scotty is just great because every day he goes to bornehaven and listens to Danish all day... and he is happy about it. He never crys when I leave, he is great. He was even happy today when I picked him up at 2:00pm!! (His new pick up time when it's above 40 degrees or mommy is on a bus.) When I walked onto the playground another little boy who was sitting on a bike yelled to him, "Scotty, moa-ah komma something, something..." Scotty ran over to this little boy, hopped on the back of the bike and the other little boy gave him a ride to me. :) He has friends. :)

So those are the reason my children are super-cool today. Paul is super cool too, but not today because he's far away in Germany with my car and will be there for the week. :) But he did call me three times to say Hi... so he can be my hero too. :)

Now I will go to bed and dream of ghetto buses and hail.


Mads and Kelli said...

I wonder how many people are reading your reference to "the ghetto bus" and wondering what in the heck that is!!!

however, this girl knows JUST WHAT you mean!! LOL

Hope these carless days PASS QUICKLY! you are a good woman! Maybe Paul will bring some surprises from Germany!!! Like spaghetti ice cream!

'Babs' said...

I feel your pain about the bus experience here and getting no help with the stroller.

But *bitterly* at least you don't have to do it indefinitely ;)

honeypiehorse said...

I think you should complain. Buses with kids in tow suck. Even wonderful kids. I think you spelled whinger right. You've inspired me to get out of the house today however. In my car, of course.

Ingrid said...

Why didn't you tell me?!
I can drive the children home this week! No problem at all! Is it only yours or is it E & C too? I send you an e-mail too about it. I can't make it in the morning though...


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