Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Green Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day :)

This special green day went by unnoticed by most of Denmark. No leprechaun traps at school. No green sprinkled cookies. No pots of gold. No dumb "Kiss me I'm Irish" stickers on people. I didn't even see any green or shamrocks anywhere. I did make my children wear green to school and pinched Paul for NOT wearing green... and I cooked our traditional green dinner.

Our green dinner isn't always the same, but it is always green so we often have some of the same things since there are only so many green foods! Tonight we had: Green spinach noodles with Green pesto, Green cucumbers, Green celery, Green broccoli, Green salad, Green Zucchini, Green For dessert: Green Frosting on the last few of our graham crackers.

When people find out we "celebrate" St. Patricks Day they ask if we are Irish. I say no, we just celebrate it because it's fun! Do we really need to be Irish? ...I'm sure there is some Irish in me somewhere, I am a mutt.

Poor Poozle - I took Andrea to the after hours clinic. I thought she was fine. I'm usually pretty good about not taking the kids to the doctor for just a cold or cough. This time Paul was concerned and I decided I'd rather go to the after hours clinic so I called them and then went right over there. It was a good visit - I didn't wait long, and the doctor seemed intelligent. I trusted him. Want to know why?

- He talked to me for a while about nothing important.
- He asked me questions about details of her symptoms.
- He said Andrea was pretty and sang her little songs as he looked in her ears.
- He talked to Andrea nicely in Danish and I could understand: beautiful and good.
- His English was great.
- He was a grandpa.

So the nice doctor said she was okay and this made me feel better. I think she is doing better now. Her nose isn't so runny and she isn't coughing as much. I hope she sleeps tonight though, because I am tired.

Flowers - Here is the flower picture I took today. I think these little flowers are hilarious! They just pop up out of no where!! No flower beds or gardens or anything... Just a field of grass one day and the next day there are huge patches of purple and white flowers everywhere. The yellow flowers are coming too - they are a bit slower but you can still see them. It's pretty..., but odd. :) Well... these are pretty because there are so many. Some places have a single line of them and try to make designs in their grass and it just looks a little... dumb. It's reassuring to see things starting to grow.

Plane Tickets - My husband is working on it as I type. I told him I will feed him spaghetti every night until we have our dates confirmed. Tomorrow will be night THREE of spaghetti...

Our Vacation - A family has invited us to their home in Poland for the Easter holiday so we are very excited at that opportunity. They live in Warsaw, which is the "new" capital of Poland. See, I have learned many things about Poland. :) We will get to go to church with them on Easter and do all the traditional Polish things - I think it will be very different and interesting.

So that is what we have chosen to do. We've been to Paris and Amsterdam, I'd just like to go back. I think Paris and Pisa again in May will make me happy. Sometimes I think how that sounds.... "Yah, in a couple of months I'd like to go to Paris and Italy again." :)


Kelli Nørgaard said...

Ok I LOVE THIS GREEN POST!! It is so great that you did this for your kiddoes!!

And I hope Andrea gets better quickly so you can get some rest!!

Cannot wait to hear about Easter in Warsaw! VERY COOL!!

honeypiehorse said...

I love the nickname Poozle. She looks like a total Poozle. What are you doing in Denmark?

Lisa said...

I love your tradition of green food. That is a memory for your kids! Sorry the little one is not well, but glad you had a good experience at the Dr.s. I can not wait to hear about your Easter trip! Just think how many places your kids are getting to see!


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