Sunday, March 1, 2009

Web Camera FUN

So Dad... How long did that take? 15 months...

When we left the States my parents gave us a web cam and bought one for themselves ...and the both of us finally set them up and got them working tonight! SO COOL!!!

I just clicked on the little green video camera in my gmail and Nana popped right onto my screen AND I could hear her!!! Of course Paul jad done somethings beforehand to make my "one-click success" possible, but it was so simple! I highly recommend this to everyone in the world! :)

So Nana and Papa got to see us all tonight and we got to see them too! :) YAY!

The kids took my laptop and the camera and took Nana around the house... Nana was doing a very good job amusing them, so I left them alone... until I caught the kids showing her the toilet and I had to intervene. We showed Nana the new kitchen table and where Sierra's stitches used to be and she saw Andrea sit up all by herself. Nana showed us her new webkinz and Uncle Mikey's cat. :)

I think this is really neat. There was a bit of a delay, and skipped just a little bit, but it worked quite well. I think the kids will find it amusing much longer than Nana and Papa.

I thought that I would make a live link to our house via my little blog, but changed my mind. :) I'm not ready to share that much yet! Maybe I could point it outside or something... We'll see how bored I get, I don't know how that works.


C and H Romenesko said...

Mojn. No need to take the train to CPH. Ha! There's enough expats in southern jutland to keep each other in good reading material. i'm about 1.5 hours south of Arhus, so not far away. Kelli and I have a 'hold the date' for March 21, so I can always leave the mags and some books with her. Are you on FB?

Ingrid said...

We do skype with Rikard's parents now and then. It is fun, but we sometimes have problem with hearing them... Yesterday we saw them on the web camera and used the ordinary phone for the talking :-)) .

Monica said...

We can relate to the delay in least on my parents end :). My husband and I used Skype when we were living apart and used it daily, so naturally we bought the set up for my parents...and we are still waiting! :) Fortunately though, the kids' dad and uncle have set things up so they can visit with their other side of the fam! Who knows maybe by summer? :)

Tara said...

:) Monica - My husband wanted me to mention that HE set it up first and waited for my parents to finally set it up.

We took it down. Then my parents set it up and waited for US to set it up.


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