Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One less tooth

Michaela's little mouth has one less tooth in it. :(

The dentist had to take out a baby tooth that never fell out on it's own because it was squishing her other teeth all over. Despite the loud sounds that can come from it, Michaela has a small mouth. :)

I was scared to death! At first I questioned it because they didn't take X-rays and laughed at me when I suggested they do... "We don't take X-rays all the time like you Americans." :) (By the way, my new favorite phrase is "like you Americans") I called my dentist in the US and tried to explain what "that Danish dentist" :) :) :) wanted to do and I asked them to look at Michaela's last x-rays and see if it made sense. My American dentist gave her approval so I decided it was okay.

It's not that I didn't trust my dentist here... well, okay it is. I know I didn't have a good reason for not trusting them, and I know it was wrong. But I just didn't trust it. Maybe it was that whole.... "Surrrrre, you can have an epidural" episode... Some people invoke trust just by "sensing" it about them... others have to earn it. That's the best I can explain it and when the translation between Danish and English isn't smooth you start to get scared. Right, wrong, or whatever - just my thought. ...and it was different because it was my child... not me.

Michaela didn't seem to mind this whole process. :) She's very brave. I would have panicked. Actually seeing her do it will make me feel better should the day come when a dentist will need to do anything in my mouth. The dentist was nice and tried in her best English to tell Michaela what she was going to do... and five minutes later her little tooth was out. Easy enough...

Michaela was my hero though... she didn't complain about having to do it. Didn't even phase her... there were just a few sniffles when they actually did it; but afterwards she wasn't even a little concerned about it. :)

Good Job kid. Spareribs for you! ...when your tooth hole feels better. :)

During the process I promised her ice cream and a trip to her favorite restaurant, Bones. I have a tendency to promise my children anything they want when I see them in pain. I hope they don't catch on to this...


Kelli Nørgaard said...

I think calling your own dentist was smart!! If it was your tooth, that is one thing, but when it is one of your gotta make sure they are doing the right thing!!

And I love the new Catch Phrase you are hearing!!!

Lisa said...

I agree with Kelli. I think that it is scary when you live in a different country and all you have to go on is how it is done at home. Good for your big girl.

Ingrid said...

Last year I did the same, called our dentist in Sweden. In Sweden we also do more X-rays than they do here in Denmark. And they planned some things here that they wanted to do with our children. BUT I got the same experience as you. The dentist in Sweden agreed in everything they wanted to do here. So I think we are a little bit skeptical, even when we don't have too.
Don't we always think food from our own countries is the best??? When we lived in Sweden I wouldn't even dream of eating meat from Denmark. In Denmark there is Salmonella and they treat the animals totally different compared to Sweden. Even when I had to do a dinner for the whole daycare centre one summer, I bought Swedish meat instead of the Danish one (half the price).
BUT now I live here and buy Danish meat every week, but I would never ever buy the cheaper meat from Germany that is exposed everywhere. :-)))))


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