Thursday, March 26, 2009

Highlights of our day... For Daddy

Paul is still away. ...with the car, remember? I think I may have mentioned it... :)

So we miss him, especially at dinner because this is when Scotty realizes "Daddy is gone for a long time at work." (In the morning as we are trudging out to the bus stop, the ever-so-observant Scotty also notes, "No, no car yet.")

So here are the highlights from our dinner.... yes, we had eggs and pancakes. This is a perfectly acceptable dinner and if you don't think so you've obviously never raised any children. :)

Poozle's first pancakes. :) She ate two!

Sierra's pancake and egg and syrup salad...

Scott with his plate full of powdered sugar...

Michaela cooking us more eggs... She's pretty good at this now.

While my video loads I will write about Scotty's music class that I've taking him to on Fridays because I can't click away from this screen or my video will mess up. I guess I could go clean the kitchen but that would require me to get up and I'm so NOT into that right now.

SO. A friend had told us about this class they have in a local church. I guess I knew these "playgroups" existed, but I was never brave enough to go. I agreed to go with my friend and her daughter. The first time I took Scotty he honestly RAN laps around the chapel the entire time, and I honestly could NOT catch him. I'd run one way, he'd go the other. I'd try to cut down a row of chairs, he cut down another row of chairs the other way. I was serioulsy concerned I would never get him. My stern voice and looks didn't phase him. Luckily he was laughing so hard that he had to go potty or else I think he would still be running.

ANYWAYS... I don't really have a point here, but my video is now "processing". The second week I took Scotty I told him he couldn't run. I said he'd have to sit with me and sing and play the games or else we wouldn't go. We went and he sat... and even happily participated for most of it... After every activity we'd do he would ask me, "Is it time to run yet?" :) I finally let him go run.

This last time we went he joined in all the activities and was really having a good time. I think he really likes it and that is good.

They sing a song here... Yep, it's ALL in Danish, but this song is just counting to ten. ...and after a full year I can now do this. BUT the song goes too fast for me. I get to five and I can't sing it fast enough... all the other two years olds can.

Speaking of counting songs... on the radio I must have found a little kid station because I noticed the song was just counting to ten over and over again. I sang along and felt so special because I knew what the song was saying AND I could sing along. :)

...Okay... I'm done waiting. It's been a good 15 minutes of loading and processing video. It wasn't that exciting of a video anyways. :)


Lisa said...

OH I was looking forward to the song! Breakfast for dinner is a great choice!

Jim said...

Eggs and panckaes are just fine - don't let anyone tell you different.

Just curious, do you have a recipe for it?? I remember having my mom ship me boxes of the mix before thinking it can't be all that hard to find a recipe.

So I found one and use it almost evey Sunday morning. Kids love it (togther with bacon and a good dollop of butter and ice cold milk)


honeypiehorse said...

Singing with the radio - you're going native.


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