Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I woke up this morning. It was bright and sunny. I was feeling better about my bus day. ...but by the time I left the house the ground, road, sidewalks, trees, everything... it was all COVERED in snow. Thank you Denmark for the little blizzard to walk through just to get to bornehaven.

Snow is better than rain though. I guess neither one is really that bad until you add the wind; and today it was like Denmark was in a little snow globe and a giant Scotty was shaking it about wildly. I'm not complaining... just mentioning it.

Anyways... Guess why I am the super-coolest mom on earth? I know, which reason to choose? ...there are so many.

Well today's reason is that: I have made cauliflower yummy!! While making some cauliflower for Poozle, I discovered that when pureed cauliflower tastes, and looks, like mashed potatoes. So for dinner I mixed equal parts of pureed cauliflower and mashed potatoes together, added a little butter and salt and my children love it!! The Boy eats it all up!! HA! Take that Scotty!! No cream or milk or "loads" of butter... and everyone likes it. We call them PotatoFlowers.

I also baked sweet potato french fries which are my new favorite snack. You should have seen my grocery cart today: Sweet potatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, lettuce, avacado, lemons, yellow bell pepper, leeks, kiwi, bananas.... It was like I buying things on a farm or something. I'm quite proud that I can turn these things into meals!

...and I don't know what this boy did at bornehaven today, but I picked up one muddy little kid.

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honeypiehorse said...

Only works if your kids like mashed potatoes. I finally had to force my kids to eat cauliflower outright, all my attempt to hide it failed.


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