Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Plane Flight

Ugh. Worst three days of this experience. ...and I say three because we missed our flight the first day... although we were there two hours early with all 18 checked baggage items, 2 cats, three kids, and 10 carryons. That first day didn't go so well. We spent five hours at the airport rescheduling flights and arranging cats for the next attempt.

The next day went better. One lady was assigned to check us in and that took her an hour and a half just to get our bags and cats situated. They finally took all the checked baggage away, scanned our kitties for bombs, and we were on our way. At this point I didn't care if I ever saw that luggage again!

Portland to Seattle. Seattle to Copenhagen. Copenhagen to Aarhus. Every flight was delayed (which I guess prevented us from missing flights). In Seattle the cats had to be claimed and then re-checked and re-scanned for any bombs they may have acquired on the 45 minute flight from Portland, so this meant I took three kids and 10 carryon bags to the next gate by myself... 3 train rides away. We looked funny, but the girls were a huge help. Scotty not so much. :)

We barely made it, but the long 10 hour flight went by relativley uneventful and we finally made it to Aarhus, then rented two cars to take us to a hotel. They didn't lose any baggage...


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