Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm sick

I have been sick in bed for five straight days now.  I've eaten a piece of cheese, some salad, a bowl of cereal, and some blue juice during that time...

I'm pretty unhappy with life right about now.  I have things to do since we are, um... gee... leaving the country in a few weeks.

AND... to make matters worse my friend had her baby early this morning and I can't even go see her because I'm a germ ridden fiasco of a human.  :(

AND... to make it even worse... as if the upcoming move and birth of my favorite baby in Germany wasn't enough... this was the weekend I was supposed to go watch Sierra's basketball tournament in Holland.  But I couldn't.  :(

I went to the doctor and he said it's a virus and I'll be fine.  Should have guessed that one...

Paul has been taking care of the kids and getting them to school, Michaela has been a huge help because Andrea just wants her since Real Mommy just lays in the bed staring at the wall.

At least I got the computer out today.  I'd like to think that means I'm improving.  :)  I might need to call in a Nana if I don't get out of bed soon!


Nana said...

You know I would be there in an instant! Wish I was there to help you! Love you!

C and H Romenesko said...

Poor you! You must be starting to feel a bit better if you got the PC out...and you sent me a few texts.

And...awe, what a fantastic Nana!

franziengland said...

Can't believe this!!! Did you see my blog? I haven't been sick so I have had to stay in bed for at least 7 years, but last week I was. Trust me! So bad, high fever and topped that by finish with sinusitis. At least the last thing gave me antibiotica when Rikard called the doctor and said his wife had been to bed for a week.
Strange we got sick at the same time!
I became healthy again at Monday this week and was of course behind in everything and of course should host two rugby guys from the International school in Brussels Wed-Fri (they left this morning). So during dinner tonight I said, I just HAD to go here and see how things are going with you, just to find out you are sick :( .
Are you ok again? When are you leaving? Would love to have a short chat before you leave. Can you fit in Skype 10 min somewhere? Just for catching up and if you don't have time I totally understand...
Thinking of you guys!!
Hugs to everybody!

franziengland said...

Did I say POOR YOU?!!! At least that what I meant! I know what you have been going through.


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