Monday, July 22, 2013

Kryzers in NH!

A few weeks ago Shelly came to visit.  Shelly was the first friend I made in Germany and she rocks.  She is totally selfless and non-judgmental, she has the biggest laugh and even when something, or a situation, clearly sucks, she has a crazy way of making it seem okay.  I never would have survived Germany without her.  

People always ask if I miss Germany.  Nope, I just miss my friends.


Scotty's best friend in the whole world ...even to this day, is Clay.  Those two are like two little peas in one crazy whacked out pod.  They just get each other.  :)  

I had decided that the reason I found some of my best friends while living overseas because we were all coping with the same, often crappy, situations.  Sharing a common enemy really does bring people closer together and if the common enemy happens to be the entire German Population then ...well, that's how it goes!  :)  

I never thought about it until recently, but I think it was the same for my kids.  The friends they made were in the same situation: new school, new culture, no family, moms going slightly crazy while dad traveled the world working...  I miss my kids friends.

Reason #86 why Shelly is super awesome: She kisses frogs.

Reason # 194:  She jumps really high on trampolines.

Night time wrestling matches were hilarious!  : )  These four kids did not have one argument the entire time.  Little Tiny Angels!  Ben and Andrea would fall asleep immediately; Scotty and Clay would stay up talking and that was totally fine with me.

How cute is little Ben!  Poozie and Ben had a great time!  :)  These two used to have "Tempertantrum Throwing Contests" in the German ISH cafeteria while all the expensive mommys, who were wearing their furs and high heels, gave Shelly and me evil, unapproving stares.

 Michaela.   A little too cool for us.  "Ewww, don't get sand in my area".  Uh.  Okay Michaela.  :)

I should have taken a close up of this bright orange salamander.  :)  It was the coolest animal ever!  I love that Ben decided to take one home ...without telling us.  HA!!  Luckily we figured it out and returned the little orange guy back to his family.


ShellyK said...

I love you for a million reasons...and it was really super, duper cool that you showed us that awesome pile of porcupine poop on our hike...I can't think of a single friend that would've liked that as much as me. xxx ooo :)

Ingrid said...

I so agree with you! Friends made abroad are special. Not better than your other friends, but another kind of friends who understands you from a situation in which your common friends have never seen you :) . I also love visits from Århus and England (hint hint).
Where does Shelly live now?
Btw, I never ask if you miss Germany. I wonder if you miss Denmark ;) ;) ;) ! Hugs.


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