Monday, April 14, 2014

Tricky Day

I start off at a very young age fooling my children on April Fool's Day.  It's the day when I spend most of my time smiling and even laughing out loud to myself about the sometimes mean jokes I play on my family and friends.  I have to justify this to my youngest children by calling the day "Tricky Day"... because mommy does "tricky" things to trick you.  It's all in good fun.  Right?

...and if you've read my blog before you will know that April Fools Day isn't complete until one of my children cries.  Sad, but true.  I first discovered this unfortunate tradition began when I stuffed Sierra and Michaela's lunches full of plastic food and Sierra, devastated, locked herself in the school bathroom during lunch and refused to come out to find the real lunch I had given her teacher.  This was after I claimed to run out of gas and made them walk the last few blocks to school that morning.

This year I realized all my best jokes have used up on the two older girls; I swore them to secrecy and brought back some of my favorite jokes.  The cheese sandwich for lunch was a total winner and the bonus was that nobody ever cried with it...  How could you be upset to get a cake and frosting sandwich instead of a cheese sandwich??!!

See Scotty and Andrea loved it!

But then...  For some unknown reason Andrea lost it.  Please note the REAL cheese sandwich sitting next to her plate right in front of her.  I think the fact that I had tricked her finally sunk in and it was devastating...  Better toughen up kid; this family doesn't produce sissies.

I still needed to get the girls, so I caught Michaela with the common, "OH MY GOSH you missed the bus!!" ...which actually backfired because she ran out of the house in such a hurry she forgot her homework and I had to bring it to her.  

Sierra needed a really good joke because she is the one who loves the holiday as much as I do.  I needed to step up my pranks for her so I prepared some nail polish ahead of time to dry out on some wax paper.  Then I peeled it off, placed it on her beloved iPad, and left it in her room for her to find. Hee Hee.

I even put Poozie's bunny nearby so she would get blamed.  It's a cruel day kids...

I tried to "spill milk" on Michaela's computer, but it didn't work so well....

As the children get older they are also able to be traumatized a little more.  I refilled the insides of Oreos with toothpaste and simply left the box on the counter.  Some of the best tricks are all about being patient and waiting for an innocent child to just take a cookie for no reason at all...  just like I knew they would!  HA! 

I even spread the love to our friends by sneaking into their house and dropping off a small container of minty fresh Oreos.

Last, but not least...  here are my chocolate chip cookies I baked with love...  Love, mashed potatoes, and black beans!  This really didn't fool anyone because I couldn't get them to brown right, BUT it was hilarious feeding them to our chickens the next day.

There you have it.  OH, but wait...  I couldn't just stop there.  I decided to let the whole town enjoy my pranks so I posted something on the town facebook page about how I totally agreed that our town had to many apple trees and what our "small farming" town could really use was a Target.  I referenced a non-existent argument and petition I read online and sat back and watched people fume about how it would ruin our small town feel.  HA!  It only lasted a while before someone caught on, but it sure was funny for a little bit.  :)

OH, but wait again...  there is still. even. more.  Scotty was home sick from school so when I called into the front office to let them know I went on about how he clearly got sick from school because he was fine when I sent him; I said had some wonderful ideas about how they could keep their school cleaner.  Maybe wash every doorknob several times a day, add vitamins to the school lunches, walk the halls with wipees cleaning sick looking children's hands...  I said if they were too busy the moms could help and we could be called the germ patrol and have matching shirts.  I went on and on and then said that I forgot to mention the date of my call ....APRIL FOOLS DAY!  



Nana said...

Finally! Always eager to see what tricks you will come up with each year. Did they get you back with any of their own tricks. One of these years they are going to get you good!

Kelly said...

I laughed so hard when you wrote "you better toughen up kid, this family doesn't produce sissies." Oh my gosh! Classic! I'm still giggling.

Happy Birthday said...

Nice post! keep it up... :)


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