Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple Rules?

I'm convinced Johnny Appleseed spent some time in Denmark tossing seeds around. If you don't know who Johnny Appleseed is you'll have to Google him. :) ...maybe Johnny had a brother, Jens Aebleseed.

Anyways, there are apple trees everywhere in Aarhus ...everywhere except my backyard of course. :) We've picked from friends' trees and taken a few from the buckets outside people's homes that are meant for sharing... BUT what are the rules on picking apples off all the various "public" apple trees I see along the road or in a business parking lot? Michaela has decided she LOVES climbing trees, picking the apples, and then making applesauce with them. Free Applesauce, fine with me... just peel them yourself and don't fall out of the tree!

My neighbor has a pear tree that he hasn't touched... what are the rules about sneaking through the hedge in the middle of the night and picking some pears? I'll dress Sierra and Michaela in black and send them.

There are also berry bushes along the road, but I'm kinda afraid to eat those. What are they really...? Some look like an obvious blackberry, but what about those tiny blueberry-ish looking ones?? Guess I should do some Googling of my own!


Ingrid said...

I think it is absolutely okey to pick apples from trees in public areas. As you mention there are blackberries everywhere too and me and the children pick as many as we can when we pass by.
But no, it is not ok to pick pears from your neighbour, not even if he don't pick them himself, not if you do it in the night, neither here in DK or in US. But, noone will shoot at you if you try. BUT I am sure your neighbour would let you go in there daytime to pick some pears if you just ask him :-) . We have apples in our garden too, feel free to come over and pick if you want to.

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