Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy September

Happy Late Birthday to my MOM. Yes, her birthday is in August too, along with my dad and my bestest American friend Trini!! :)

August is done and it feels like it may as well be Christmas time since the year is going so fast. The weather has been GREAT! Today was hot and sunny and just perfect. We met some friends downtown for the Aarhus Festival. Before I continue... the "Aarhus Festuge" has a big poster to promote it. It so confuses me. However, the other day I noticed that on this poster there is a picture of a man bending over and a fart "blowing" out of his bottom! Why? It's barely visible and I didn't notice it until I was standing quite close to the very large poster... I didn't understand how farting played into Aarhus. I could make my own stories up but they would probably be mean... so I won't. :)

LOOK AT ME. How high-tech am I??!! I copied the picture with a link. See the bottom says "Keep Dry"? The farting man is above the "ep", you can barely make out his "fart cloud." ...Oh, Michaela is going to have fun reading this one! Anyways, I would like this as a poster to hang in my house... or garage someday. Pete, do you know where I can get this?
So. Scotty Rocks. He is a such a great little ice skater!! He actually wanted to do the second lesson of ice skating. He willingly put on his snowcoat and spent the entire hour on the ice stomping around kicking hockey pucks and building towers out of them. The goal, I assume, is to make him move around on the ice. It's ADORABLE!

Their Canadian teacher is so nice ...and funny ...and just a few weeks new to Denmark. At the beginning of class she gets the kids all in a circle and talks to them, in English, HA! She asks them "How are you all doing?" HA!! HA!! You don't ask that here! :) It's great! I like her much better than the Russian man who last year asked me to teach Scotty to skate myself. All it took was one lesson of someone taking a little bit of time with him and holding his hand, now he is perfectly able to walk around on the ice with his little hockey pucks by himself. I now feel it necessary to buy him his own hockey puck. :)

The girls are good at ice skating too. I'll watch them closer and report back. I will admit to being split between watching Scotty and chasing Andrea around the rink and up the stairs.. towards the end of the lesson I remembered Michaela and Sierra were there, bad mom, sorry girls, I love you guys.

But Andrea is everywhere! It's a constant chase, she is just go, go, go, go; but when she gets tired it's a big crash. mUm you'll never believe it. When it's time for bed I put her in the bed with a bottle and her fuzzy bunny and she goes to sleep. Not a peep from her!!! I know you don't believe me after all those endless walks around the lake at naptime. :)


Ingrid said...

Oh, I haven't noticed that farting man... and I have seen the poster lots of times. We were to the festuge for a while in the weekend. Did you visit the Science tent outside Rådhuset? Yesterday I was down there for seeing Linnea who was singing as part of the festuge.
What a superluck that you got that skating trainer!!!!! I guess the Danish children also think it is exciting to have a Canadian trainer. See you! Ingrid

Pete said...

Since you asked I looked at the Festuge website and there's a link to where you can buy the poster online for DKK 150 http://www.gaffabillet.dk/epay_unseated.php?ID=2890

Here's a much larger version of the image where you can see all the details:

The artist is Søren "Papafar" Behncke.
At the website of the Charlotte Fogh gallery located in Århus you can read more about Søren Behncke in English http://www.charlottefogh.dk/index.php?id=29
Click ath links to the left for BIOGRAPHY, ARTWORKS, LITHOGRAPHS and CV.
Maybe this gallery also sell this poster?

Each year Århus Festuge has a new slogan. This year the slogan is "Fremtiden er nær!" which means "the future is near!", an omptimistic rewrite of the popular saying "the end is near!".

At the Festuge website http://www.aarhusfestuge.dk/plakat2009 there's an MP3 file where Behncke explains some of the symbols on the paintig. He actually expained the farting man too.
One day while he was working on this painting his brother came by and they started talking about an old friend of their dad. Every time this friend farted he said "Ud med dem der ikke har betalt husleje", which means "Out with those who haven't paid rent" which they found funny. So he put it on the painting.

Another detail on the poster Søren Behncke explained is that there's a description on how to start a fire with a stick, behind the man on the bridge and an arrow pointed towards the bridge to sSymbolize that you can burn your bridges behind you.

Pete said...

Like Ingrid suggest you should try to bring your kids to the science tent in front of the town hall, if they aren't already going there with their school.
It's a very popular returning activity at the Festuge every year and most kids (and parents) find it very fun.
It's Sceince student's from Århus University who make fun to watch Chemistry and physics shows etc.
Thier website http://www.stenomuseet.dk/naturiteltet

Oepning hours

Monday, August 31 - Friday, September 4
9.30-13.00 Activties for schools for 4th to 10th grade pupils.
13.00-18.00 The tent is open for everyone.

Saturday, September 5
12.00-18.00 The tent is open for everyone.

Chemistry or physics show every day at 14.00 and 16.000

You should try to make it for one of the chemistry or physics show if you can.


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