Friday, August 28, 2009

I AM 32!!!

Happy Birthday to ME! Oh goodie. I'm older.

My day was magical. :) It started off with a special gift from my cats... a dead rodent in my bedroom. It moved on to a become a day of riding humid buses with sweaty Europeans... and was topped off by my washing machine which refuses to spin my clothes dry (so I pull them out of a puddle). My night ended with my skype phone not working so I couldn't talk to any of my friends or family...


ACTUALLY -My birthday wasn't bad, I was kidding... kinda. :) I had a good day with Scotty and ladybugs and a party with some Americans. I actually got two parties! The day before my birthday some moms from school had a surprise birthday party for me. :) The house was decorated in USA everything, I had cake with MANY red, white, and blue candles and presents to open. Very nice!! THEN my American friends had a lunch party for me on my birthday. Erin, who admits to not ever cooking, interrogated my family to find out my favorite food and then cooked me potatoes for lunch. :) I even met a new American friend too! Cool!

Erin also gets extra points because she tomorrow she is willingly watching my four kids so I can go out the movies with my husband.... and her "wrapped gift" to me - candy for the movies and movie tickets. :) How cool is she?!!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in my birthday everything!!!

Where was my family in all of this birthday extravaganza? My husband is having a "busy week" at work. These weeks come up every few months; the price to pay for our recent five week vacation. :) So we plan on my birthday to be celebrated this Saturday. :) That said, the girls were also nice to me on my actual birthday. Michaela and Sierra watched Scotty and Andrea and I got to eat my French Toast dinner while it was still warm! :)

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Archaeogoddess said...

Happy Late Birthday!! (I thought I read it was Saturday. Is that someone else's birthday? Oh dear, does that mean that I'll find out on Sunday that I've gone and missed another birthday? Oh well, it's an archaeogoddess tradition to never wish people happy birthday on their birthdays.)


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