Saturday, August 22, 2009


Although Scotty turned four today he was refusing to accept it. He says, "I like three."

SO. Our defiant son spent the entire day being "three" until, luckily, a chocolaty birthday cake with a number FOUR on it came along... just in case a certain little three year old wanted to be FOUR. It was presented to him along with FOUR presents that only a FOUR year old could open. He decided to be four, but I'm pretty sure he'll wake up to once again be "three" tomorrow...

Our birthday plans changed a bit. We had plans to go to Legoland, but my recent lack of sleep with last night being the topper with only four non-consecutive hours, and the current state of our chaos our house is in, we decided to take Scotty to Tivoli to play golf. He liked this idea better than Legoland anyways. Even the girls were happy to stay home.... seems we all need a break.

So we just played at home most of the day and then Paul took the kids to play golf while I stayed home and rested. :) (Yes, I know terrible mother skipping out on my only son's birthday golf event... oh well.) :) They came back to get me and we all went out to a restaurant for dinner. After our dinner, which went really well considering we walked in with Scotty just about asleep and Andrea being woken up from a ten minute nap, we returned to our semi-clean house.

Then cake. :)

Hence his golf cake. This cake took REALLY long (I refer you to my four hours of sleep) and involved re-doing a lot of things. It started off going to be a pool table because he loves pool tables... but things got complicated and frosting was scraped off and reapplied, scissors and USA frosting was brought out... It was a MESS. It doesn't make me very happy, but Scotty liked it so I'm a winner! Of course Scott liking presented it's own problems... we weren't allowed to eat any part with frosting or decorations on it. :)

AND- If you think it looks like something else keep your comments to yourself. :) It is a miniature golf course with a red golf ball and a hole. Nothing involving Christmas Time or Violence...

But I'm not done with birthday planning yet.... Sierra's is tomorrow along with her High School Musical party. I opted out of the big event party and we are just watching a movie, eating pizza and salad, popcorn, cake and ice cream... and that is it! Sounds simple enough. We'll see... She didn't really know who to invite since she has been at school for just a few days. I'd hate to leave someone out and this always results with inviting ALL THE GIRLS. :) ...and I have a problem, when I invite people they ALL end up coming. :) I think I'll have about 14 girls here. Better than 14 nine year old boys! (which will come eventually, I know...)

So I just finished her cake and I'm considering myself lucky because it's only 11:30pm. Yesterday I was finishing Scotty's cake at 1:30am.

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