Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Russian Rowers on Lufthansa

After a solid 28 hours of traveling we made it from Canada back to Denmark. Y I P P I E.

Actually I'm really glad to be back home even if it is located in Denmark. I missed our "stuff". I was a little tired of the "living out of a suitcase thing".

P.S. I now own 13 suitcases. Some of them will hopefully find new homes, but I've actually decided the old style ones I've bought for $5.00 are WAY easier to pack since you don't have the roller bars making the bottom uneven and denting your books.

However, I was discussing suitcases with a friend today and we both agreed that cardboard boxes, while extremely ghetto-looking, are actually great for packing lots of large, not-too-heavy objects, such as jumbo sized boxes of goldfish crackers and board games. I think we will use cardboard boxes from now on. :) a

As for "Russian Rowers" as mentioned in my little title... we had the Russian rowing team on our flight from Toronto to Frankfurt. Super. They were all drunk. Super Again. We are about to take off and they get sick. Super Super. THEN we have to turn the plane back to drop them all off. Super Times Five This little Russian Rowing team made the majority of the plane, including us, miss our connecting flights and cause us an extra five hours of travel. This is why I will watch the Rowing Races in the Olympics and cheer for whoever is NOT Russian.

This brings me to my next complaint. Lufthansa. Sure... their downstairs bathroom area was kinda neat... walking downstairs on an airplane is just weird. Despite the fun bathrooms, I did not enjoy this airline at all! It mostly was due to the one available person at their service center in Frankfurt to rebook ALL the passengers from our flight after we arrived hours late. Mr. Lufthansa knew we were going to be late seven hours before we arrived. Still, all the passengers waited in line over two hours to get new tickets because their was ONE slower than slow person helping us all. And as far as I'm concerned it was partly Lufthansa's fault we were late. Why let a bunch of drunk men on the plane? I think that breaks a Lufthansa rule.

As if this wasn't enough... my kids did not get ice cream of gifts on this plane. :) I like SAS better.

Anyways, I've unpacked everything. Please don't confuse this with, "I've put everything away." All my unpacked things are currently scattered about my house. I am now trying to squish cake mix boxes and peanut butter jars into any available cupboards and on top of cabinets. I'm hiding granola bars in the bathroom and fruit snacks and ranch dressing in the closet. I'm stashing ziplock baggies under Michaela's bed. I have cream cheese frosting and onion dip behind the ice skates in the laundry room. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm happy to have these things, but perhaps my husband should construct that IKEA book shelf we bought in Oregon, remember that one my love? ...maybe that bookshelf would be great for my "American Section" in the garage. How secure is the garage though? :)

I haven't even attempted to start the laundry and I just remembered I need to vacuum. I have also just realized I don't have a dog around anymore. I am having to clean up all the food Andrea throws on the floor. I think I may feed her outside from now on. : )


PiNG aka Patti said...

Lufthansa makes me nuts - and what worries me even more is that they may buy out SAS :(

'Babs' said...


You are here!

Archaeogoddess said...

Welcome back!

I hate Lufthansa just because of Frankfurt Airport. The nine circles of hell are easier to get around in than Frankfurt Airport. Unraveling the mysteries of the universe are easier than understanding where you are in FA. DANISH is easier to learn than the layout of FA and WHY Lufthansa thinks you can make it across the airport and two security checks, passport control and Tax Free in under half an hour!!

Tara said...

I was going to complain about the Frankfurt airport too!! How dumb is that place?! I will avoid it at all costs in the future. My favorite was the 10 minute crowded bus ride to the plane. ...that and people telling me I couldn't use the elevator with the stroller. It was just for wheelchairs. Yeah right!! I just stared at them and waited for the doors to close...

Kelli Nørgaard said...

We did lufthansa once...and saved lots of money but after our 7 hour layover in Frankfurt, we decided there is no money worth that! We are KLMers for life!!

Glad you are home and yeah, put it in the garage...wink wink.. I will not come and take anything!

Ingrid said...

We are so glad you made it!!! Waiting in lines at airports can make me crazy too. I always wonder if they even think of asking questions about "service mindness" when they hire their personal staff?? You always have tired children and lots of stuff to carry around and on top of that you should stand waiting for hours....
Those Russian guys were something!!! Good ambassadeurs for their coundtry! NOT.
Anyway, now you will appreciate all nice Danish people around instead :-) !
I look forward to all the nice cakes it seems like I am going to have this year..... Hugs!

LJensen said...

yeah, KLM was awsome.

Anonymous said...

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