Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Random Things Because I'm Bored and Not Tired Yet:

- I miss paved driveways. It's great to get the mail/newspaper or run to the car withOUT shoes.

- Did I mention that our mail carrier SHOVED five weeks worth of mail into our mailbox while we were gone? The girls next door did not get the mail as planned. :)

- I didn't have a car today... It was my first bus trip in a while, along with some rides from friends (thanks!). It was okay... I guess. It seems as if my Pauly is tired of riding the bike and now we will "share" the car. *sigh*

- My dear husband opened a coveted can of evaporated milk to use a teaspoon of it in his coffee. Does he think that evaporated milk grows on trees??! Now I'm short a can for my thanksgiving pies. A certain spouse better make a work trip to the States soon...

- I made new friends today at our first "mom's coffee morning". That makes me happy.

- The girls started ice skating already. They were quite happy to go and even happier when they found out the new ice skating coach is Canadian and doesn't speak ANY Danish!!! Even Scotty tried again. He did well and the teachers helped him the whole time. It was like a private lesson. He skates were a little small though and his feet started to hurt so we stopped and will try again next week.

- I need piano lessons for Michaela. Anyone know anybody?

- Where can I buy rubbing alcohol here?

- For my birthday I decided I will go to the American aisle and buy a $15 box of Lucky Charms.

- I cut the grass the other day so my husband will have more energy to ride his bike. :) The silly lawnmower is electric and has a cord. It is dumb to stick a long cord on something with a quickly moving blade. (No, I didn't cut it.)

- Maybe I'll offer to do yardwork for extra days with the car. :)

- Andrea likes leeks.

- Out of the 120 granola bars in my house I couldn't find one to put in lunches.

- Great, I just remembered I have to MAKE lunches. I really dislike making lunches.


Nana said...

When you're bored you can always call your mother! :)

Ingrid said...

Yes, it was a nice coffee morning today! Sierras cake was supergreat!! I am very impressed! I hope she got Malin's gift today. I forgot to ask...
Didn't you get in contact with our piano teacher of doesn't she has time for M? Is M still interesting in basketball? What great success with the skating!!!
What is rubbing alcohol??
I also dislike making lunchboxes!
See you soon! We need to plan for our lunch!

Pete said...

Not sure exactly what is meant by rubbing alcohol.
Wikipedia says it can mean either be isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) or ethyl alcohol (ethanol):

If you mean ethyl alcohol (ethanol) then 93% denaturated ethyl alcohol is called "husholdningssprit" in Danish which means "household alcohol". "Husholdningssprit" is sold at all Danish grocery stores and usually comes in a light blue bottle like shown here:

If you mean isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) then I'm not sure if you can find this in grocerey stores, but I know you can buy it at e.g. Matas and Matas' bottle looks like this: http://www.matas.dk/hus+have/rengoering+husholdning/inde/isopropylalkohol+99+500+ml.aspx?CategoryId=165&ProductId=565

Matas also sell "husholdningssprit" like the grocery stores, but Matas just call it "Denatureret Sprit 93%" and sell it in their own white bottle:

But "husholdningssprit" is probably cheaper at grocery stores than Matas.

You can probably also buy both kinds of alcohol at "home depot" kind of stores.

PiNG aka Patti said...

When and if you do figure out the whole rubbing alcohol thing, let me know! I searched all over the apotek and couldn't find anything that I thought was right. Matas is probably the best bet!

Pete said...

For piano lessons you can try a "musikskole" (= music school). They offer both private lessons and group lessons.
Here's two music schools in Århus:

Århus Musikskole http://aarhusmusikskole.dk

Musikskolen Laura http://musikskolenlaura.dk

There's also several private music teachers, some come in your own home if ouy have a piano.

You can also try to ask a local piano/instrument shop about where to find a piano teacher, they can probably help you.

Tara said...

Pete, you rock! Thanks.

I don't even know what rubbing alcohol is. I need it to refill my husband electric razor cleaner... it goes in the base.

So I will figure out what exactly I'm looking for and get back to everyone so that even Patti will know what to buy. :)

Pete said...

The Matas link I posted above for isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) specifically says that this is used for cleaning electrical razors (the Danish word is "el-barbermaskiner"), so this must be what you need in this case.
Isopropyl alcohol is also what is used to clean video recoder drums and heads and tape recorder heads.
You can buy it in audio/viode stores labelled as claner for tape recorders etc. but in reality it's just isopropyl alcohol with another label sold at twice the price or more.

Pete said...

Sorry, I just copy/pasted the wrong link.
The correct link for isopropyl alcohol is: http://www.matas.dk/hus+have/rengoering+husholdning/inde/isopropylalkohol+99+500+ml.aspx?CategoryId=165&ProductId=565
And this is what you need for cleaning eletrical razors accroding to the text in Danish (el-barbermaskiner).

Tara said...

Thanks again Pete. My husband says thanks too!


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