Monday, August 10, 2009


Happy Birthday Andrea!!

She started her big day off by playing in the sand, which is by far her most favorite thing in the world to do ...and she has traveled around the world trying many fun things! My little one year old, who started off in Denmark, has been to Germany, Sweden, Italy, United States, and Canada!
All her cousins made her sandcastles that she was allowed to destroy. They made big piles of sand and let her flatten them. She even had her legs and feet buried in sand and she thought this was hilarious! She LOVES the sand and mud. :)

My little Andrea is almost walking. She can stand as long as she feels like, but just won't lift up a foot until she grabs hold of something. She did raise a foot up just a little and take a half step once. :) Does that count? I hear four steps is the official number of steps required for a walker. :) Poozle walks pretty well just holding onto one hand now. She still has another week to take her first steps in Canada. I know Gramma here is urging her on.Here is her giant party. All her Canadian friends were there!

...and here is her wonderful cake made my her wonderful mommy...! It is "yummy sand"! ...and a little bowl of milk to splash in! She LOVED it!! It even had chive "grass"!

I guess I made more than just one cake because we had many mouths to feed. :) Oh, and see that boring black circle cake? It's a "world famous" tort cake from some "world famous" hotel in Austria. My cupcakes were WAY better. I don't even know what a tort is, but it wasn't very yummy. It was like a dry cake. The hotel was called Hotel Sacher. in case you want to buy an overpriced, yucky cake. :) The box was pretty.

SO. That was my little girls day. Thanks to Auntie Red and Uncle Greg and to Auntie Sandra and Uncle Steve for hauling all their kids up to the cottage to help celebrate Andrea's birthday. TAK. Oh, and thanks to Gramma and Papa for smiling while 20 people ran through their house. :)


Ingrid said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to little wonderful Andrea from all of us in the family Franz!!! Fantastic photos and great to see what a nice time you are spending in Canada.
I am laughing about your reaction to the Sacher tarte. It is really a world famous cake. All people in Europe know about it, I think. It is a cake from Austria and it should be very tasty and not dry at all... It should be a combination of chocolate and apricot marmelade, if I remember right.
Well well, we came back to Århus yesterday evening. Rikard is already back at work, while the children are still asleep. We came back with tons of things, so today I will start to unpack some of the million bags standing in the entrance. Miss you hear!!! Love, Ingrid

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Tillykke med fødselsdagen Poozle!!!
What a great way to celebrate! Sounds like the end to your time in North America has been AWESOME!!! See you on the other side!

Gracey said...

Happy birthday, Andrea! I am glad you all had a lot of fun! :)

Fuzzy said...

Happy birthday, Andrea!

She is absolutely one of the most adorable little girls I have ever seen. :-)

Nana said...

Love the pictures! Looks like everyone is having a great time. Andrea will definitely be walking soon. So cute! Love to all!

'Babs' said...


Lovely group pics!

Ingrid said...

School started one hour ago. All our children were so excited to get there. Lots of friends to meet again and many new students to learn to know. And some friends missing.... I think we will have a great coming year! When do you arrive over here??? Hugs!

Geotacs said...

yeah! it's always a joy to see your little ones growing up and beginning to take thier first steps and see their joy of discovery!

Happy Birthday to Andrea!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Hard to believe she's already a year old!! (And yes, I know I'm 2 weeks late but Happy Birthday to Andrea!)


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