Sunday, August 23, 2009


WHOA. If Sierra is nine that makes me old. : /

My little Bear is getting so big! Nine sounds so much older than eight!!

Sierra's party was harmless and she had a great time. We had 13 girls over for four hours. We watched a High School Musical movie and during the show I SERVED them... popcorn, salad, and pizza. They all sat watching and eating quite contently and only got loud when the "mushy" parts came.

Little did my Sierra know the chaos involved in the kitchen though... It involved long skewers and a nearly empty caesar dressing bottle, frying pizza slices, and exploding butter in the microwave. ...and all, thankfully, while Andrea happily crawled around the kitchen floor carrying her new favorite toy: a whisk.

After the movie we had cake and ice cream of course! I created a High School Musical cake MASTERPIECE. :) Sierra liked it so it was a success. My new birthday cake plan is to hand out HUGE pieces of cake because you really don't want to deal with the leftover cake anyways. Why not share the sugar with others' children too... I had no cake leftover. Sorry to those of who whose children I fed the extra sugar to.

I'm just happy to not be making another birthday cake tonight. For my birthday on Thursday I want chocolate chip cookies. :) Please no more cake!!

After cake Sierra opened her presents. I sat happily watching. I laughed as I remember years past when I would take pictures of her opening every present, make videos, write down what people gave her for writing thank you notes later... This time I just sat and talked with some moms. I took four pictures as she started then called it good as she ripped the wrapping paper from various HSM items.

Her birthday day is done. She had a good day and I'm happy my Birthday Weekend is over. :) It was exhausting! I'm all done with parties until October when my little Michaela will turn 11. WHOA! Now that is old!!

P.S. - Scotty still agrees he is four. Especially when it comes to how many pieces of Bacon he gets and how many books at night we will read. (He used to get three of each!) (The bacon is really small.) :)


Nana said...

No angel food cake for your birthday? But it's tradition. I guess that was before the kids came along with birthdays before yours. Sounds like the best gift for your birthday would be sleep! Love you!

LJensen said...

Wow, that is a lot of birthdays close together! I might be tired of cake, too! Can't wait to see pictures of the cake!
I gave my Daughter 10 big birthday's and after 10 I told her no more...More family and very her very closest friends doing an outing around the time of her birthday instead of the big party. I only have 1, 4 kids is is a lot of birthdays!

Ingrid said...

Oh, wow, I thought I was the most tired mum right now, but I see I am wrong. You are SOOOO good in making all those cakes!! I'm really impressed and I nevery thought it was something else then a golf cake.
We left with the ferry at 01.00. We arrived to S at 06.00. Hadn't sleept to much because of the motors of the ferry. Drove 550 km to the party place (dropped of the children at my parents house after half the way). The party was superdupergreat and we went to bed 03.15. Then yesterday R left Stockholm for going to England. I took the car to my parents, then down to Malmö for some food shopping and a short visit to R's parents and then I drove all the way back to Århus. Arrived 01.00 tonight and the children slept almost the whole way through Denmark. That was 900 km driving in one day for me. Now they are in school and I'm thinking of taking a nap... See you!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I am totally impressed! you guys are the summer birthday family! I bet you are worn out! :o)

Tillykke med Sierra!

Pete said...

Very nice birthday cakes, you mst have been busy.
Do you have "flødeboller" in America too? I think it's a Danish thing?


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