Saturday, August 15, 2009

Old Suitcases

It's Saturday morning.

We leave on Monday.

We only have one more day here at the cottage. Tomorrow we will drive closer to Toronto and spend the night there with Uncle Greg and Auntie Red. We fly out Monday... sometime. :)

On one hand I want to jump up and down and laugh and giggle and sing songs about going back home to our own house and our own things and our little kitty cats. On the other hand I don't want to say good-bye to everyone here.... :(

So. Today my plan is to go buy more suitcases. :) I kinda filled up all the ones I had so I have been rummaging through salvation armies to find used suitcases for $4.00. I refuse to pay $50 for some cheap set of suitcases that will fall apart during the trip home. When we moved to DK we bought a couple sets of four for ~$80.00. When we picked them up in Aarhus just about all of them were missing handles or had ripped.

The old style suitcases actually are fun. I kinda like them. mUm gave me one that was Paul's grandpa's. It's my favorite so far. The old suitcases don't have the rolly-wheels on the back but we don't use the rolly wheels anyways, we don't have enough people to roll them. We just get a cart. (Guess what?: Carts are free in DK)

I wouldn't have needed more suitcases but I had a little panic moment when I realized I only had a few more days to shop. So I went shopping. Alot. Shhhh.... don't tell Paul.


Ingrid said...

Hi, Good to hear more about your activities. I totally understand your feelings about leaving everything there for going over here. But just as you know. Lots of people are waiting for you here too :-)) . There are 22! students in Mr B's class. The biggest class ever at ISAa. 63 students in total. Lots of nice new families. But nothing compares to the old ones of course :-)) !
Rikard just came home from a long run along the sea, camping and to the Ørnrede and he said there is nothing more beautiful than that.
We have been to the Alps during the summer and I agree with you, the mountains are something special! Denmark has nothing like that, but the differences is the charm. See you soon. WELCOME! Hugs Ingrid.

'Babs' said...

This time of year (the late summer and early Autumn) is very pretty in DK and I am sure that you will find plenty to enjoy upon your return!


PiNG aka Patti said...

Been there, done that - Goodwill- huge suitcase, $5. Didn't really care if I could ever use it again for that price!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I never thought about going to goodwill or S. Army for an extra suitcase for my groceries! What a great idea!!

Take some pics of the goodies you are bringing so we can all drool!!
Safe journey home!

Anonymous said...

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